Xbox Game Pass on PC - Mutant Year Zero resolution issue!

Good morning.

I have a problem with Mutant Year Zero on my PC and i would like to know if anyone here could help me to fix my issue! The game is running fine on the resolution of 1280x720 with max quality settings, the problem starts when i try to set a higher resolution than 720p like 1920x1080, when i set 1080p for example, the mouse arrow wont reach every corner of the screen. what i mean is that the mouse arrow is stuck inside an “invisible barrier” which becomes smaller if i set higher resolutions than 1080p, with 1920x1080 i can move the mouse cursor within 1/2 half of the screen while if i set 3840x2160 then the cursor will be inside a 1/4 of the screen and on the left upper corner. I will show some screenshots with the maximum reach of the cursor with the 2160p setting:

“Sorry new users cant post images” and even “links” so remove the spaces in order to see the link are:

i.imgur. com/1ZJeNVI.jpg
i.imgur. com/DIBgVXb.jpg
i.imgur. com/XfzO1kH.jpg

AMD Ryzen 7 1700x with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080TI latest driver on Windows 10 64bits Pro latest edition in order to use the new Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Hope you guys can assist me! I would like to play the game on PC which is alot easier for me to control than the videogame itself.

Thank you!

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Hey @Queiroz!

Thank you for the report. Are you playing the game in Windowed mode or fullscreen?