Xbox god bubble restart with server restart


Is it normal that on non official server, with server restart god bubble also restart?
With daily server restart bubble last forever, so are zombies. Building decay timer reset.

Also I noticed on official as well. Building damage, after server restart restore to full health.

Private servers have had a problem with decay. If you go into servers listing and see 0 days on display for that server decay is most likely going to reset with reset that is what happened on our Siptah ps4 server. You can go through the lists and see how many zero days server’s are out there not everyone starting a server on the same day Gportal blamed Funcom turns out it is Gportal you will need to get on the phone don’t bother sending messages. There were posts about this a few months ago. If you are on Siptah decay is temporarily turned off don’t know about god bubbles fish in traps not decaying you Siptah or Exiles. @Bambere


This seems more like a me problem only. Which isnt a problem really.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. We’ve been trying to get more information on this issue for a while now.
Would you be able to share the private server’s database and its settings?

Feel free to upload them to Google drive or to a similar platform and share the link with us.

Also, please reach out in private via direct message to @community if you prefer.

Thank you in advance.


I request instructions on how to share server database?
I was told a while ago. Customers support from gportal, that is not possible to access server database on console, due to Microsoft.

If I could access server database, I would follow instructions from this forum. Where they explain step by step how to solve decay timer reset problem for pc.

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