XBOX ONE S Game Crash after login

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Region: [Eu]


I bought the xbox store game two days ago. Unfortunately, I found out that the game can not be played. The game fades after 20 seconds, or you do not get it at all.
I am very disappointed that I paid for a game that is not already in the testing phase and I can not play it.
Yes, I have tried reinstalling, restarting xbox, or connecting errors, I have tried to change the server too.

Have you tried starting a single player game in offline mode? If not do this…

Start an offline game, then let the game run for 2-5 minutes, (you can just stand there doing nothing).

Then exit to main menu, then go in and try any online mode you prefer, without restarting your xbox or the conan game.

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i did what duke suggested and it works. apparently its been an issue for a while. they just never fixed it.

I can confirm that DukeBooter’s suggestion works. I would add that in my case it’s not even necessary to let the game run- just login to offline single player and then log out before going online.