(XBOX) Wastelands of Acheron

Greetings weary traveler,
the Wastelands of Acheron is a new server for exiles such as yourself. We are a sprawling community with active admins to help your experience. We do weekly events which are fun for all and provide new challenges with tantalizing rewards. We have an economy sprawling with trade. The server is a PvE-C type server with a PvE zone for those who wish to have a more leisurely experience in the exiled lands. Fan of RP? We have people here for that as well. Come join our community and experience the wastelands through a new lens.

Join the discord to register and take your first step into the Hyborian Age.
Discord: C3vJhvx

Whats the link to the discord?

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Server online ?
How can i join ?
Any rules ?