Acheron-pvp looking for players

Xbox server Acheron-pvp looking to populate!

Acheron-pvp is a new server looking for more players! We currently have 3 regulars one of which has been building some amazing things!

The settings are

Drop on death
3x xp gain from all sources
Reduced thrall times
For our first and current event building costs are reduced as low as they can go until Feb 23 for our builders event.

The server is based in the middle of the United States to hopefully give it the best latency for the east and west coast. There is no password on the server anyone can join it is a 40 slot Xbox server.

Once the event is over all building cost will go back up to the default settings. So build while you can! I hope to see some amazing creations.

I’m currently the only admin and am on as often as life allows.