XP/XP/AI Bars - The Mouseover Messages

We all know these vertical bars, red for HP, blue for nanopoints, green for AXP, etc., right? The question that has been troubling me for sometime is, why on some of my chars, when I hold the mouse pointer over one of these bars, I CAN see a message saying something like “Alien XP 100000/300000”, and with other chars, it doesn’t work? I.E. the bars are in exactly same position (top left corner, the standard position for all my chars), I put the mouse pointer over one of the bars in the exactly same way, and there is no message? I guess it MUST be something in the settings, but I just cannot figure out what. While it is not a game-breaker, I don’t like it when I don’t understand something :anguished:

Not specifically with the bars you mentioned (I have them turned off), but I have found on occasion that the targeted entity hp bar (hostile or friendly) will create a hidden box that sits on top of other GUI items and prevents the system from registering a mouse over.

The only solution I’ve found to this was targeting something and moving the hp bar to a different location. Can be a challenge at lower resolutions to find somewhere though.