Agent Experience Bar

Question is there a way to see the exact amount of XP agents have and how much is left on their XP bar?

Or is this like the crafting window that doesn’t actually show numbers/percentages on mouseover?

Any chance we could get this to be visible?

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The Agent mod lets you look at both of those.

Which Agent mod? Is it something new to AgentTweaks or is there another mod out there?

That’s the one, there’s an experience bar for the Agent as well as a numeric value. I’m using the latest update.

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there is no such thing in public release or sources codes

anyway, these are XP you need for a level, you can guesstimate how much you need for next level (don’t forget 25% xp bonus for successful mission)

Level    XP for next level 
 1.-12.   1000
13.-18.   1500
19.-24.   2000
25.-36.   3500
37.-49.   4000
SUM     127000
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Thanks Elenoe. I was hoping there was just a mouse over the bar feature - that would be easy.

BlueRabbit, I did download the latest AgentTweaks from Curse Forge dated 04/30/18 (, but either I’m blind or I just do not see an Agent XP bar with numeric value. I’ll take a pic when I’m in game.

I’ll take a pic next time I’m online, too. :slight_smile:

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don’t forget to read the first OP message, so you don’t look, you know, like someone who misread things :wink:

Here’s a photo of what I’m seeing. Blue ‘arrow’ to what I’m NOT seeing (OP - XP bar with numbers). This is with the latest version of AgentTweaks from Curse Forge.

800xp, 2700xp remains :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks Elenoe. I was hoping Blue Rabbit could show where on this I should be seeing the XP bar with numbers, as I’m not seeing it.

Also FunCom WHY can we not see this???

That’s exactly where I thought I saw it. I could have sworn that showed me how much XP was needed when I hovered over it. I must have been having a bad acid trip from all the acid I never had. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it showed on the left side, but that’s just restating how much XP you’re getting from the mission.