Yamatai horse armor requires Riders of Hyboria

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA

The Seekers of the Dawn horse armor feat requires Rider of Hyboria. I believe you can also make the Aquilonian horse armor without any DLC. Either that or the Seekers of the Dawn DLC is letting me craft it

1.Go into feats
2.Click on the Yamatai Cavalry Saddle
3.Look at requirements
4.Cry at not even getting what you paid for

(I may be wrong on all of this, it is a while since I checked)
I think the Aquilonian saddle actually wasn’t part of the Aquilonian DLC (I think it was added to the base game with the other base game saddles - it could be part of RIders of Hyboria, but since you’re able to craft it without that, I’d say it was more likely base game) - From memory, the other similar one (as in, I think it’s base game) would be Savage Cavalry Saddle - are you able to craft that one?

As for the Yamatai saddle - didn’t Seekers come out before Riders? (I really don’t remember the Yamatai saddle, and I have both DLCs which makes it hard to tell what came from what - but I’m wondering if the Yamatai saddle was actually part of the Riders DLC rather than the Seekers - that would at least explain what’s going on, even if it doesn’t actually solve anything…)


Dan is correct on both counts. The Scout Saddle, while labeled Aquilonian, is part of the base set of saddles that was added for everyone to use. And tamable horses did not exist yet when the Yamatai DLC was released; horses were patched into the game concurrently for free for everyone at the same time Riders of Hyboria came out offering extra saddles and colors for horses (December 2019).

I can see how the saddle availability could be confusing for players arriving to the game later. If you picked up the Yamatai pack with a particular interest in the saddle, that was probably pretty disappointing. :frowning:


Got my Yamatai saddle the ole fashion way.
I found it in an abandoned base.

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This page will show which DLC grants which saddle as of July.




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