Yamati Tower Set

This was actually a nice set and i haven’t found any issues with it on PS yet. Only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of wedge pieces and sloping walls. They are a big part of building and every time you have to use them from a different set it messes with the appearance.

Love this set!!! Only found 2 things i hope they add…triangle foundation needed and corner wall pieces. Otherwise a beautiful set!

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Could it be that this is another case of an incomplete bundle?
Some things in the picture aren’t part of the actual set, or am i wrong?

I second this. These are great suggestions.

They’re called torii gates, and yeah… I’ve been hoping to see them. I’m glad they got implemented in this set.


Help this one’s old eyes, which items seem to be missing?

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Wonder if those Yamatai gates are indestructible like their real world versions

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I assume you mean like this one?

Torii gate at Hiroshima.

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House made of straw and paper, your ultimate defence in barbaric Exiled Lands :joy: :joy: :joy:

No it’s fine, i didn’t find the gate kinda thing at first. Only the small one.

I thought this was some kind of pillar like the enormous ones from the Stormglas set which need 4 foundations to be placed.
But it’s like a gateframe, my bad.

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I’m happy to agree with you. This is what I found by searching for a Japanese translation. If you’re interested, please take a look.

日本 神社 鳥居
https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=01e0ff83ef1459c0&hl=ja&q=日本 神社 鳥居&udm=2&fbs=AEQNm0BqbPbAzSj6PhNr7nv9Ltx-oFh8tVsgXi1MyFbswNtTUOS5b68chsyOj2QEdx4EPnOXQZXFtg8iq2YMejzbnly9hN5gD6PBSrPsSnqNqMrzQCXwRbP6fJq5WK0IeJJ6NX5kTa7oaH1_0_L762kaSVPa6_FODntfuBum-lcohgx6bdo5qrbOyJpo2tD-Pjadj2BuVXoLOuLzEr3frUmPxycAwXr5tXWH1ObxnhS0vxAwQbXqocY&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiI-PXE2JuHAxXOe_UHHRE6KCcQtKgLegQIFxAB&biw=1302&bih=810&dpr=1#vhid=URW49CtZroptMM&vssid=mosaic

日本 五重塔 内部構造
https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=01e0ff83ef1459c0&hl=ja&q=日本 五重塔 内部構造&udm=2&fbs=AEQNm0BqbPbAzSj6PhNr7nv9Ltx-oFh8tVsgXi1MyFbswNtTUOS5b68chsyOj2QEdx4EPnNHj-rfVa2Eb1VCscGX2ZUj9zg7pD9WhuxXJAj12GW6oeBqw4eGvVgzQxyKznl1ExE1CpifGuI6QVFFOR93AWTG-ikWf0Pkv8b4uPMI6k9t6u2k2kSVP5ztndeb2h6ZDo2S_YK8c_FelNrMDRdFtsiQS1EQBtqDgF9t0i-xsDu1cTGmT9k&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi1n_jq2JuHAxUWkq8BHUQdADoQtKgLegQIDBAB&biw=1302&bih=810&dpr=1

The change to paper makes it look so dang good now.