Yamati Tower Set

I would like to give a rare “job well done” to the Yamati Tower Set. The number of pieces and their design is impressive.

My Yamati pagoda looks much better, and the Kithan pagoda is about to get a new Yamati roof. The Flat Arch wall makes a nice wide doorway that helps with follower collision. I may use the Tower Rooftop Intersection in place of the missing Turanian minaret. The torii design of the Tower Gate Frame is nice although a smaller torii would have been nice.

The Awning Corner Slopped might have been better as two pieces, but that is a minor quibble.


How much does the set cost? I’m on vacation and won’t have access to my computer for a couple more days.

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edit mistaked, going to check

oke i dont see it again because i got it … already, but based on that i had around 3000 cr, and i am still having 1842 i guess the price was 1200 crom coins for all set ( without discount)

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I am really happy with this set over all but the Market Window seems to be reversed. The Outer Face being the Wood and the Inside being the White with gold trim that the Regular Yamatai set has on it’s outside instead of the inside.

The Market Window Shutter will only allow you to place it on the outer face which results in it being inside when you match the Gold trim to the outside.

Other than that so far I am liking the set over all.

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loved the sliding door


First things I encountered is that you can’t rotate roof edges and you can’t replace fences with the new ones without removing the old ones

Yeah and I was surprised at the price (1200 cc ). That is very reasonable.


I now found corners, where the roof corner just snaps wrong and doesn’t change by moving and without the possibility to rotate it, it is impossible to place.
Again something I paid extra money for which apparently hasn’t been tested at all and again I fell for it.


Sometimes the overhang corner is difficult to place, but like many pieces it is possible after some changing your character’s position and occasionally removing adjacent pieces. See my screenshot for successful placement.

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it should be possible to rotate them, this is just sloppy and don’t get me started on the balconies
Once you get it done, it actually looks really nice


These pieces, and the balcony corners, use orientation-based rotation, basically meaning the rotation partially or fully depends on where your character is stood. Some curved walls use this too, I’m not sure why it’s the case, I imagine it’s something technical.

I’ve found the most consistent way to place them is to get above where you’re trying to snap the corner and rotate your camera a bit, there is definitely a sweet spot, it was a bit difficult at first but I’ve managed to find it consistently since then



well damn… Funcom might get me to buy something. Turns out decent prices work. XD

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you saw, I got there in the end, but it was not a nice building experience tbh


Yeah I’m just shy at 1089 cc so I’m trying to justify loading up my cc again (something easily done when the BP was an option and giving me the cc back to use on bazaar items…HINT HINT)

When is your review video dropping?
That isn’t meant to be a rush, just an inquiry.

This one is leaning heavily yes on this set (it has a few pieces that remind of the Japanese parts of Northern Timber if memory serves), but has adopted a policy of not purchasing until there is a reliable review that shows the bugs or wibbly bits that come with any new product.
Frustration anticipated is not compounded by the surprising it.


I bought this yesterday and I’m excited to redesign my onsen build a bit before taking it to siptah official. I kinda wanna build one on EL too, but too many crazy a-holes spamming builds around River’s End area. That’s the only spot I truly wanna build one on EL. My Siptah one is gonna be at the Basin in the forest.

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I’m working on it right now, it’s targetted for 9:30pm BST on Friday the 28th.

Initial thoughts are very positive though. No wedges is a bit of a disappointment, and orientation-based rotation adds a little frustration, but not much when you’re used to it. Everything is beautifully designed and I’ve not encountered any bugs yet, aside from pillars sticking through floors, which is also an issue in DLC Yamatai.

Very impressed with the set on a whole, an absolute breath of fresh air after the Lost Dungeon debacle



If you (or anyone else for that matter) were going to hypothesize what a further expansion for this set would contain, does anything stick out (other than wedges) that is missing/would be low hanging fruit as more for this set or does it seem like a content complete expansion?


Hmmm… first Ghost of Tsushima was released and soon Assassins creed shadows now Funcom returning of the khitan head hunter events with that new exiled khitan outfit and now a Yamati tower set. I’m sensing a common theme amongst the game industry lately.

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Honestly, I think it’s content-complete. I can’t see where else they’d take a second extension other than maybe fleshing out the bamboo-style pieces from the Onsen pack, but I don’t really think there’s enough there to warrant doing so. iI would likely be overshadowed by this bundle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Khitan gets a similar treatment at some point in the future. Funcom are likely printing money with this extension, and I can’t say I’m surprised, it’s very good.