The new Yamatai Tavern set Pillow to sit does NOT work

The new yamatai tavern set which brings new style of tavern with lower tables and pillows instead of chairs and benches does NOT work that well because the pillows which are meant to be seats dont function at all as a seat but only as an astehtic look.
I did just paid 2457 crom coins for a tavern set with a huge issue… THE PILLOWS TO SIT DO NOT WORK.
Make the pillow seats to be functional as a sitting item else whats the whole point of the yamatai set with lowered tables and lowered hearth and everything close to ground but if pillows dont function then where are the thralls or npcs going to come and sit in the new yamatai tavern. The chairs near the counter get filled up quick cos its only 4 of it…
Make the pillow seats of the yamatai set functional to use the new kneeling style of sitting animations.
I paid 2457 crom coins for something that does not work ? C’mon funcom … you guys hyped it up so much and priced it up so high and yet this whole function of tavern system depends on the fact that we provide seating arrangements in tavern for npcs to be able to fill up the tavern we built… Atleast the paid stuff needs to be functional c’mon…

Please fix the pilow seats to make it functional as a seat on which players and npcs can sit in a kneeling pose. Or is this also gonna be ignored and not fixed at all?

2457 crom coins jeez… and a simple pillow seat doesnt work (and please dont tell me that its meant to be that way cos it just defeats the whole point of a tavern set which doesnt have seating for npcs to come into the tavern… and I would rather have my crom coins back… omg 2457 crom coins yike).

Funcom just make those pillow seats functional as a seat on which players and npcs can kneel and sit thats all I ask for the money I spend on these items.


Already sent a ticket or submitted a report also for this hope the pillows actually can be used as a seating item and hopefully it uses the kneeling pose animation to sit and hopefully it can be used to get the thralls or npcs to enter the YAMATAI style of tavern. itss too nice and expensive for it to be missing such crucial function lol. atleast I think so…


Bug Funcom, a name a guarantee.

After the price scam of the Aesir set I weighed nothing more.

I prefer to wait for the comments on the forum

Yeah I should have learned… But then again… I kinda wanted the yamatai set and the whole japanese style asthetic and here I am… Just hoping they ll atleast get it fixed so it actually can work as a proper full tavern set and bring in npcs to come sit as a pillow seat is intended to do lol…


Ooof, this is a big issue and one that will definitely stop me from purchasing this. Should not be advertised as seating and a tavern set if the seating doesn’t work, especially for the price.


Yeah, clearly written it’s commonly sat on. You’d expect to be able to sit on it.

Hopefully a bug that will be fixed soon. The Vanir tavern doesn’t even allow the bear cub to be placed underneath as advertised, so perhaps a few bugs to fix.

Does anybody expect anything else with any new update? :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Bearclub placed underneathe? underneathe of what? I got 2 running around kinda dissapointing tbh

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It was mentioned in the Chapter 3 dev stream. I’m sure I’ve also seen images or video of it.

Meant to be able to place under the bar on the corner. There’s an open space with a bone there.

@Scarborough1994, I found the image on their X account. Maybe it’s modded, since we clearly can’t get a Nord barkeeper. …yet?

Perhaps a future update. That fella has a beard. :+1:t2:


Does look kinda cool though although the blanket also does look different on that bear and that nemedian armour hasn’t been in the bazaaryet.

Doesn’t really bother me, as I won’t use the bear regardless. Not a fan of paints and coats on the pets. However, if it’s a function that isn’t working, there’s an issue for somebody.

I assume the Nemedian Archer set will be on next rotation.

Not cool. Not unexpected, but still not cool.


Yeah Im actually looking forward to that archer set tbh… but paying to get disappointed has become like a trend here now or something?.. Till date the rhino silent legion saddle also not fixed at all lol …

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Me and my friends also bought this set and were very surprised that these cushions do not work like seats!

This is Captain Obvious! What else are pillows for? You don’t think we spent so much money just to place this as decoration, do you?
Please fix this!


It’s not a bug. The pillows are purely decorative, and that was expected.

As long as players buy those items just to have them, as if they were collectibles, the quality ceases to be the most important factor. Or not even a small important factor. People will buy, and this is what matters.

Moreover, the Bazaar’s purpose is to offer simpler, cosmetic items, providing an air of exclusivity for those who want to go beyond. The Bazaar doesn’t aim to introduce new mechanics and unique experiences for players, its propose is only to complement what already exists (for the right and high cost).

It’s either a bug or false advertising. The Bazaar promo for the Yamatai Tavern (which needs seats to function by the way and wouldn’t look like a Yamatai tavern if you had to use other seating options) not only shows people sitting on them, but also says “Take a seat on the tatami floor pillows and enjoy a drink surrounded by ornate lanterns and bonsai trees.” Funcom needs to fix this.


I didn’t buy this bundle thank god, but to say that you shouldn’t expect these seats to work in a Yamatai themed tavern bundle for a newly implemented base game system that exclusively functions with working seats is ridiculous.


stop talking of things you have no clue …

check image.

whatst the point of building a bar if its not going to wqork as one?


With conveniently cropped out butts so it looks like they’re sitting on seats. Hmmm…

They literally added a Lectern with a Book, that when you place a Thrall on it, they open the book and begin a reading emote. Check again mate. Please read the updates, keep up and double check with information before commenting like this.