Ymir gives wrong amount of tokens

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Ymir takes 5x more religious harvest that other religions

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The amount of tokens is now 5 divided by the amount of pieces.

It’s intended. They needed to balance out the tokens that each religion got through their respective armor pieces and this was the result.

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Ah you are right, I misspoke. The real problem is that ice takes 5 religious items instead of 1. Updated my post to reflect.


I’m not sure if it’s actually a bug, because it looks like a design feature, even though it’s badly balanced.

Most religions have a cheap way to produce initial zeal, such as Mitra’s Ambrosia or Set’s Antidote, both of which cost one harvested religious item. Ymir’s initial items are Ice, which costs five ice shards but produces only one zeal, or Ice arrows, which require ten ice shards, plus branches and feathers, and still produce only one zeal.

So this problem isn’t even related to the new “all armors give a total of five zeal” rebalancing.


Before the re balancing it didn’t matter. Nobody used the T1 items to mass produce zeal, only to upgrade to T2 and unlock the armor crafting. Now that they screwed up the armor/zeal ratios, the T1 items are now the only way to mass produce zeal.

Thus, the discrepancy between Ymir and the rest of T1 items is now magnified and becomes a major problem, effectively eliminating the viability of Ymir. So the problem is entirely related to the re-balancing.

i haven’t harvested for YMIR yet. so is it
5 shards for 1 ice= 5 zeal
5 shards for 1 ice= 1 zeal

I know all the others are 1 to 1 for potions, 1 item>1 potion (meat)>1 zeal.

Like I said, 5 ice shards = 1 Ice + 1 Zeal.

@Genuine: it mattered, and it matters, for getting it up to the T2 altar in the first place. There’s a big difference between having to farm 30 corpses or 150 corpses, especially if Ymir happens to be your starting religion and you’re still around Noob River or Black Galleon. The fact that other religions can upgrade to T2 much more easily isn’t fair.

There was life before hitting level 60 and mass producing avatars and anti-avatars, even if it feels a bit like ancient history these days.


This is why I did the altar upgrades for Ymir last both times… its just not fun harvesting 525 ice shards.

We need either to be able to get shards from trees as that was the case when the game came out, or just reduce ice cost to 1 shard.

I would go for the later, since getting shards from trees would make god protection too easy to maintain.


I think reducing the cost of ice to 1 shard would be an adequate solution. Just increase the cost of crafting Black Ice to 500 Ice on the altar in return so that Ymir doesn’t give too easy access to T3 building blocks around Noob River. (Actually, I’m not sure if anyone was ever trying to build a base by killing 2500 people per foundation block, so I’m not convinced that crafting Black Ice on the altar needs rebalancing either…)

I’m almost certain that Ice tea or water-filled flasks (the other two recipes for which you can use Ice) won’t completely break the game.

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Yeah, one can mine ice faster than doing the YMIR zeal. Ymir probably has the most useless rewards when trying to zeal up. It’s like a generic cracker jack box. :slight_smile:

Set = poison/bleed removal
Derketo = xtra stamina
YOG and Mitra = decent heals
BUT YMIR = ice. freaking ice. something i can get in abundance from the nort and black ice runs. The least it could be is Iced Tea. at least that has a use and it should be 1 to 1 as well.

I confirm. this is a serious problem for pvp balancing. 5 splinters for a single event. moreover, objects require a lot of resources and are not absolutely convenient. are the developers aware of this?

Isn’t YMIR the “peaceful” God. If so, the extra effort makes sense. but if that is so, then the bubble should be balanced to take 675 Shards to match token zeal for the ohters. Or maybe slightly less, making it a defense God only. Just saying for a friend:)

it was the case before they patched it not so long ago.

Armor crafted at Ymir altar used to cost 5 shards for 10 tokens returned.
It was harder to transform the altar to Tier 3 but the bubble cost was halved.

I agree, while Ymir wasn’t still the easiest religion, it has become grindy now.
And if not rebalanced in favor of Ymir, people may simply stand away from this good and religion, what isn’t a good thing.

Hope Ymir will really get some attention, and a fair rebalance. All religions and goods should give similar possibilities and progression.

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