Ymir level 3 and 4 priest bug

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Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: EU

[Free text] ymir
level 3 and 4 priest not spawning for the past 20 hours I have been forming to get these priest to summon this God
I have been at the appropriate location at the Warren towers and the city and nothing spawns nothing above level 2 priest I cannot summon gods with a level 2

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What location are you farming? It’s not likely a bug there is a very low chance of finding a level 3 or named priest.

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I’m farming Asgarth pretty often, so far I’ve seen 2 named priests there. Try your luck there

I’we also farmed Asgarth for the past 2 days, 4-5 kills of all mobs there and no priest over lvl 2.
Also noticed that some boss mobs there have job titles like armourer or blacksmith but those can’t be KOed. They just fall under the map if you manafe to KO oke.

I now your pain. I’ve been regularly farming the Volcano for the Armorer that spawns there for over a month still haven’t seen here. As far as them falling through the floor, When that happens I run away far enough that that area isn’t rendered in and then I return and usually I find them waiting for my return.

Does that work for those boss mobs? I mean are we supposed to be able to break those?

To clarify, I’m not referring to normal T4 named mobs but to tue ines for which the health bar shows in white and red, not in yellow and for the T4 thralls.

Another 5 raids in the city and at the towers and still no priest over T2. :frowning:

You cannot tame the thralls with the white skull. With one exception the wandering spawns which are archers and fighters. Hate to break the bad news but 5 trips is nothing to find a named thrall. I killed the Set Priest location before the update over 100 times before I saw an Archpriest there. Now there there are 5 that spawn there your chances are better and they added https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Hoshun_the_Fang to the city, Since the patch I have seen that thrall there 3 times.

My suggestion is to pick a spot and camp there killing that spawn over and over till you get bored or you get the thrall you want. My understanding is that there is only a 3 - 5% chance of a named spawn that means if you kill that spot 100 times you’ll only see names 3 - 5 times.

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yeah a total of 5 days at the area you recommended there is still no spawn above level 2 priest 4 ymir
this game is seriously broken I have complained about this before so it shows me that the development team and the people in charge of the maintenance don’t care about the game I mean you’re supposed to be able to summon gods but they won’t give you the priest that is required for it such as level 3 and 4
5 days of wasting time to get nothing is pretty obvious that this game is busted just when I thought I started enjoying the game now I see why not so many people play it so nice job on a broke game funcom I’m going to play a game to wear it at least when they say you can summon something or when they offer you options to call things they actually work like final fantasy and elder scrolls online so if you want to keep more players and not lose them picture game increase the spawn rate

It took me about 5 days to get the deketto (not sure on that spelling) archpriest. And that is on a private server with the npc spawn speed turned up. And this was about 5 days of just farming the area again and again so i dont think its broken just the rng gods dont like you at the moment.
The day after i found my archpriest i found a named one there but havent seen another archpriest or named one in the 2 weeks since.
Keep trying mate you will get lucky eventually.

T3 and T4 priests are supposed to be rare. Meanwhile, currently there are very easy to get Set T3 and T4 priests.

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I actually feel like the spawn rate for T3 and T4 priests has been turned up with the exception of the den I feel like I’m finding them more often now. This week 2 Ymir named, 1 Set named, 1 Set arch, 1 Yog arch.

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