FAST GROWING 70 SLOT USWEST! In two weeks we have gained 20 players on at once during primetime.
Come see the server on stream! https://www.twitch.tv/kararin <—supporter

We are new player friendly! Get a head start, be patient we will fill up the server, and it will fill up. Get to know a fast growing community. As head admin i have and do promise everyone who joins that i will not stop until we are 50-70pop. We have a youtube channel in the works, along with a streamer that will start soon.
Ymir’s legion server is a no lag, pure rp-pvp, no kos, mmo style server, with scheduled raiding, with no limitations. If you are seeking a RP-PVP server with solid rp rules, yet still have that conan exiles brutelness (small limitations on pvp) this is the server for you. We set a custom difficulty, in what we would describe as a slightly harder mode, which translates to more of an MMO experience(x2 dmg, hp .8 dmgtaken .8. The purpose behind this is to add a more dynamic and engaging rp-pve experience! Thralls are now powerful, and not to be underestimated. Seeing a person in Legion armor actually means something, it show you that he cleared Black Keep and that is not an easy feat. It also promotes players to group up for things, by using our lfg discord channel! We will also be hosting elaborate weekly events, such as admin created dungeons (releasing 6/25/2018)! We have a list of events for this month, info on weekly events are posted on our discord channel! On our discord you find will our community friendly and willing to help with a variety of tips and tricks along with any questions you might have. We have one goal and one goal only, to become the #1 rp-pvp server in Conan. Not for us, but for you the community. Join us on Ymir’s legion RP-PVP server, and know you can trust to make your home here, with dedicated admins committed to creating a dynamic RP experience for our players. We are also committed to bringing you a stable server, there is no price too high when aiming to become the top rp-pvp server.

I am also recruiting dedicated individuals passionate about creating a fun rp-pvp environment, and driven to have one of the top rp-pvp servers available. All admins share responsibilities of taken care of problems in game.
Head Admin: -Taken-
Assistant Admin: -Open-
Event Admin: -Taken-
Server Admin: -Taken-

To apply as an admin, please contact me in Discord, must be 21+ even tempered, no power trips. Once again, we are looking for driven individuals, that are interested in building one of the largest rp-pvp servers. As admins we want to create a safe haven for players trying to get away from crooked admins with superiority complex’s. Absolutely NO Power trips. Every player is extremely important.

Our server will be officially released 6/4/2018 at 4am.

---------Our server Rules---------
Introduction: By no means necessary will an admin give or receive any benefits whatsoever in game. By no means may a admin change the rules to benefit him/her. Our sole priority is to make sure YOU the player get the best possible rp/pvp experience here on Ymir’s Legion server. No shady business here, you the player are our #1 priority, everything is secondary.
-Server Rules-
1: All players are required to interact in a roleplay fashion when interacting with other players, excluding contact between clan members in order to initiate pvp. This does not include Copy/Paste roleplay. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. This is an RP/PVP server after all. However, if during roleplay interaction the player decides to run, then its game on. All roleplay must be conducted in TEXT before attacking a player, just incase the other person can not hear you. Use voice to initiate pvp at your own discretion, if someone reports you for KoS’ing, the situation will be handled by an admin.
2: Avatars will be allowed only under one circumstance. That is if both clans are at war with each other and agree to avatars being used against each other for RP/PVP purposes. However admins must be involved! Please contact an admin, we will be spectating at that time to make sure AVATARS are not being used to attack other players/clans that aren’t involved.
3: An RP name is REQUIRED! No numbers, or !%!@#%&%&*.
4: No griefing. For example. No building structures around other players, that includes trapping people inside rooms during raid. Do not kill a player more then 3 times during a short period of time. No GRIEFING.
5: Raiding times Friday-Sunday 5PM-9PM PST!!
6: Building over resources, blocking spawns, making area’s inaccessible, spamming foundations to save spots will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If you violate this rule we are not required to contact you and will immediately address the problem by removing whatever is required. Be respectful.(edited)
7: Each clan may have up to 4 permanent structures, the clan’s main base has NO LIMITATION on size! Each solo player will be limited to 1 permanent structure(make a clan!). Your main base will not be hit with any limitations. The other 3 structures please keep within a reasonable size of 10x10, as tall as you want. THIS IS A RULE THAT MAY NOT BE PERMANENT, THIS IS TO TEST SERVER LOAD AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS 100% STABLE. THIS MAGE CHANGE BY 6/20/2018
8: You are required to post a sign outside your buildings, permanent and temporary structures alike. This sign must include A DATE on it. The reason behind this is to reduce clutter and keep the server clean if players quit. Please keep your things updated, or contact an admin if you are taking a vacation of sorts. We can work with you.