'Your follower leveled up!' should specify which follower

e.g., was it my Bearer or my Horse that gained a level?

In earlier versions of the game, mounts did not have their own follower slot and counted as your one maximum follower. This message was adequate then, but now the notification is ambiguous.


That would be a good idea. And an option to deactivate that message also would be good.


Should not be a priority for the devs right now, since you can simply check in the follower tab or simply look at your followers inventory.

Disabling this message is nice (or those messages at all, e.g “Purchase complete” when buying from vendors, or land marks being discovered) though.

I agree.

yup, should not be priority, but it’s literally 5min job,
your <insert pet/thrall name here> leveled up


The coding itself yes, the regession tests that need to be done not :slight_smile:

It’s called “Quality of Life” features, and they are worth their weight in gold for the goodwill they buy.


But only those followers who are following you at the moment get experience. And there can be no more than two of them. Horse and fighter/pet. Or am I not aware of something?

Yes. But the game notification says “your FOLLOWER…” and makes no difference in horse and thrall/pet.
That’s why creating a different message that says “Your HORSE leveled up” should be a good thing.

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