Zamorian Thief Armor: Is this some kind of bug?

Hey guys,
I riched level 50 and made the “Zamorian Thief Armor” Set for my character. But something looks just wrong. The breeches of this set looks totaly different in game, than in the preview:

Is this some kind of bug? Because the preview version looks awesome, while the version in game is really terrible… I like this set very much, but I’m think I will make some other breeches and give up this 1 agility point (it looks like he has a carpet sewed on his legs). -.-
Would love Funcom to comment on this (if this is bug or not).


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No, that’s some kind of an apron! Is your character either super-tall or super-short? There is a known issue with garments on characters of very tall stature that I have witnessed myself, however I’ve never seen the short version personally. I always stay a few notches below top height, and it doesn’t look this way on my male character. I’ll check right now to confirm.

Just confirmed. It looks like how you’ve depicted. Checked my video of the character roll and I’m two notches down from top height.

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Not sure anymore, I think i choosed something between middle and tall, because he supose to be an archer from the beginning

Well this is just terrible. Why nobody fixed it yet? I mean this is not a “major” issue, it could be fixed months ago… funcom funcom… you make it hard to love you -.-

For females there is a lot more skin shown on the buttocks and the thighs too.

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That happens sometimes when my toon is wearing that armor. It usually gets better on its own after a while.

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For me this only happens when there is no wind effects at all. I have a female character minimum height.

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