Zavek and exceptional or flawless armors

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Region: [Official server # 3739 PvE -g - Revision (#131959/21084) ]

[i haven’t reached 60 for epics yet so can only craft up to vanir armor types seems zavek can’t make any exceptinal armor and very few flawless and only flawless he can make is from armorer Aquilonian , Khitan , Pictish Turanian , Yamatai anything learned after those in feats including some of the gear leaned from bosses that are craftable like the serpent skin can not be made flawless ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.learn the armor before or after getting Zavek not sure matters
2.put in a standard armorers bench
3.look for the flawless or exceptional gear you want to make for example flawless Vanir Heavy Helmet
4.won’t see in lists anywhere except for the base non flawless or exceptional armors
5.have even tried removing from bench picking bench up and placing back down and putting Zavek back in didn’t help

Hello :slight_smile:

Zavek allow you to craft flawless cimmerian set (both medium and heavy) and the standard for all armorer : flawless DLC - basic sets

As cimmerian sets are only epic version, if you put zavek in a normal bench, you’ll not have any extra recipe, but once placed in an improved bench, they become available :wink:

thanks frenchy but cimmerian is the epic version of aquilonian but i know how to make the standard non -epicversion of the Vanir which you learn at 40 but he won’t allow the flawless versions of the lower tier non-epic armors

Oh i see the issue (at least i guess i do :smiley: )

To make it simple : All T4 armorer allow you to craft flawless version of all DLC sets + all basic sets.
To be able to craft specific sets like vanir, cimmerian, hyperborean, kambudjan, etc etc… you need to catch tha matching race armorer.

Zavek => cimmerian
Chieftain aslaug / Njoror Battleborn => nordheimer => allow to craft flawless vanir :wink:

I suggest you to have a look at this page to see which armorer allow to do specific armor sets ^^

if that’s the case your saying i would need to catch and break 19 t4 armorers for all the race armor and possibly 9 more for each faction type ? ugh lol

You don’t really need all of them and some give the same recipes (for exemple zavek and werk both give flawless cimmerian).

But yes, if you don’t have any DLC, you’ll need around 10 diffferent armorers to cover the most usefull armors :stuck_out_tongue: (good luck for grrrr if you’re looking for an heavy set with strenght :smiley: )

naw just better armor ratings by chance ya wouldn’t know who does the flawless reptilian from flawless abysmal remnant ? didn’t see 1 on wiki as curious who allied with that giant slug/worm/snake lol

Race : Votaries and it’s Siesse who allow to craft flawless reptilian.

She was available in the game not so long ago but since the cano’s revamp… she is even more now a pain in the ■■■ to catch than before…

lol thanks

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