Zombie goes invisible

My zombie goes invisible

Hi @Scarborough1994

Could you please provide us with some additional information?
Did this occur ore than once? Did the zombie become invisible at some point or did it spawn invisible?


I’ve had this happen as well, the zombies did not spawn invisible (I had two of them).
After going away from my base and upon returning they we’re not visible anymore, the name tag was still being shown. Sadly the zombies are no longer there so I’m unable to make a screenshot of this.
fyi it occurred on my private server pve with the new creative mode on.

Managed to reproduce this see attached.

Wouldn’t that make it a ghost? Just saying.

Lonewander posted the image sorry I’ve been away for a few days. It spawns fine but after a while it just turns invisibile, I have to relog to see it again only for it to occur again.

I wonder if it’s not actually going invisible, but instead reverting to it’s initial under the ground state. You know when you summon a zombie, either from the grave or the summon zombies spell, they crawl their way up from the ground. I’m curious if they are going back to that position for some unintended reason and just not crawling back up.

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