Invisible Zombies

Summoned zombies using the shallow grave for the clan. Noticed shortly after that zombies started becoming invisible. They will still follow and attack but you can’t see them. Doesn’t happen to all of them. Example I have 3 zombies following me and i can only see 1 of them. My clan mates also report the same thing that they can’t see the zombies but we can hear them in the base.

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I have noticed this as well.

Same bug here. Better, after relog sometimes someone can see one from zombies or two…
Official Server 1015

After making my second one it when invisible when I returned to base, it was left grading.
When I pick it up to move it it become visible until I put it down.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you all for contributing to this thread. Can you please also share the game mode or Official server number where you noticed the issue?

As well as your graphic settings.

We appreciate your support.


same issue, invisible zombie before, during, and after placing it.
Official Server #1133
1440p, cinematic settings

I am also having this issue. I am playing on a private PVE server with graphic settings on Ultra.

Im having this issue. I have two raised zombies and one is always invisible. Im on server 1812 with 1080p resolution ans all graphical settings on max

Thank you all for the additional information. We asked the team to investigate further.

We appreciate your support! Have a great week! :slight_smile:

For Me, after the first one. the second was invisible after I left the base and came back, the third one did the same. the first one I made has not just disappeared its no longer listed as one of my thralls. the second one that was invisible is now visible. How am I going to have a undead army if I cant se them and they keep dropping outa the game. Now the berserker I made into a zombie is invisible too. 4 made, but only 3 present. How many will I have tomorrow?

I died, all three zombies now invisible. Makes it really hard to get them following me again. Graphics at maximum.

Hi @Mayra I’m playing on a private server on Isle of Siptah. I’ve tested this under low, medium and high graphic settings and it doesnt make any difference. I’ve also tried it on different groups of zombies.

The problem seems to occur when you have more than one zombie. Because of the build Im currently running I have 4 zombies following me with a couple spare on guard at my base just in case i lose one. Sometimes I can see one or two. Logging out sometimes helps but not always.

Zombies will sometimes become visible again, although not all of them, while Im out adventuring. However when one zombie becomes visible, another will usually become invisible.

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You got me Funcom. Thought I was crafting zombies but you have given me ghosts instead. Please resolve the issue soon makes them useless or give me back Darfari Witchdoctor lol. While I’m at it my thralls keep attacking my summoned demons from demon lord perk, and summoned dead.

A server reboot fixed the invisibility issue for me (found it in another thread with the same issue)

EDIT: While that shows previous resurrected dead, some newly made ones will still be invisible

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yep same here

Ive had this problem to…also server crashed when i came back all my t4 zombies missing checked the log said they died wtf?i was at my base and got back on in 10 minutes nothing killed them is this a known problem?4 t4 zombies gone for no reason…anyone else have this problem? im not going to make more zombies till this is fixed… Not happy at all

My bad i didnt know zombies only last a couple days .i wont hunt t4 for them anymore if it even matters?thx

Ive played around using T3 and even T2 thralls for zombies… trust me its worth getting the T4’s. Personally I suggest using Cimmerian Berserkers. They are one of the top thralls for damage and HP and they are quite easily farmed. If youre on exiled lands put your benches down near mounds of the dead… on Siptah your best bet is the city just north of the tower. Good luck exile.

The same disappearing problems are very annoying since these zombies are on a timer and are spoiling my Necromancer gameplay.
Server #1733 official
Relic Hunter Thralls converted to Zombies.
I have done every kind of setting and used half my day to try to fix this including verifying my files- no luck it has to be something else I can’t seem to fix on my end. Logging out and back in did not work. One time verifying files worked, 2 other times did not.

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Same here 3 Zombies are invisible and 1 not also sometimes they will not follow just keep going back to guard area.