Invisible Zombies - Help!

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Server Name: Immortal Lands
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Invisible Zombies

Bug Reproduction:

Summoned zombies using the shallow grave for the clan. Noticed shortly after that zombies started becoming invisible. They will still follow and attack but you cant see them. Doesnt happen to all of them. Example I have 3 zombies following me and i can only see 1 of them. My clan mates also retport the same thing that they cant see the zombies but we can hear them in the base.


Can confirm.
I do have some mods as well and OP didn’t list the mods, but I’m assuming there are some on a private server. Though I’m not sure if any would interfere, got the typical stuff… Emberlight, Better Thralls, LBPR etc… nothing fancy and nothing that would retexture zombies in any way.

This is how it looks on my end, as soon as I try to reposition them, they temporarily appear, but as soon as I place them, they disappear again. Relogging temporarily fixes it, but not for long.
Given that there aren’t too many reports about this I’m wondering how much of a role would mods play in this, would be nice to get a confirmation from someone on official servers

Edit: I see that it’s not an unpopular thing :smiley: Search just didn’t throw me back the more popular topic yay - happy to be merged lol

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Same… seems it has something to do with a zombie still being around when another one leaves the grave, the “coming from the ground” animation seems to break the visuals of already summoned zombies. Not that i would complain too much having invisible zombies as guards…

…might also have somethig to do with renaming. Thinking about it it happened shortly after giving them names, before zero issues.

Same problem on official servers, this is a very common bug, everybody talks about it in game chat very frequently

Same here, but first zombies was visible. Put him on guard. then When I came back, he was invisible, wasnt able to see him, only his name.

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