Zombies and equiping zombies ruins this game

This needs to be addressed quickly, the current state of zombies has created an environment where zombies have broken every aspect of the game for PVP. I am part of a RP-PVP server and currently we have this issue:

Zombies are infinitely available and do not decay due to not being tied to an appropriate server setting for non-decay servers
Zombies can equip full gear making them 10-20k health with ridiculous armor, hit harder than players, nearly impossible to kill, nearly impossible to do anything against, and infinitely easy to replace.
We have found a case where zombies can be equipped with High powered bows and high powered arrows, high end gear/weapons creating incredibly accurate bow fire that is oppressive and game breaking, or high damage melee chaff

Zombies are literally overwhelming every other aspect of the game and it’s created an oppressive and unfun environment.

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I can agree. Its very toxic. Zombies should not have the same inventory space as the thrall you used to make it. If a bearer is used to make a zombie. They get the same inventory space. SMH

I’ll be honest, I have no clue why zombies were given armor and weapons. They were fine and great to use without them.

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I don’t think it was a give, I believe it is an error/bug. They weren’t on release and it came in after the first magic ability to create things out of base materials patch. Hence the reason you keep getting the animation “bag” out of them if you do.

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At the very least, the armour should be visible on the shamblers, letting us know this fight is going to be more bovine effluence than usual.
Also, the sneaky rotters don’t always use their weapons at first. They take a couple normal swings, then suddenly venom infused daggers and maces everywhere.

That said, this one is in favour of a more powerful undead, such as a Wight, that can be geared, but that requires a named corpse, a heart of hero, a bunch of powder of corruption, ect… To craft.


I’ve gone ahead and put in a bug report as well.

But it’s has kind of hit a fever pitch on how oppressive it has become. We watched a player in epic gear get hit for 2/3rds of their health from a zombie arrow while running(Authority + zombie in agi gear + khari bow + obsidian arrows)

It seems the zombies have better accuracy than standard thralls.


The whole harrypotter nonsese ruined this game.

You do realize that the genre of “sword and sorcery” predates Harry Potter by almost 70 years? And that Robert E. Howard was one of the pioneers who created that genre (even though the name “sword and sorcery” wasn’t coined until the 1960s). The magic used in Conan Exiles tries to be as faithful to the style and flavor of Howard’s world as possible, with some artistic liberties required by the video game media. We don’t have quidditch, or avada kedavra, or dispelliarmus, or invisibility cloaks, in Conan Exiles. If you have any of those in your game, I suggest checking your mod list.


Other than the problems it caused I LOVE the fact we got magics in the game and they do really capture the corrupting nature of magics in Howard’s Conan world.

The devs and artists that did the concepts, spell types and visuals did a GREAT job.

Too bad the coders programed a buggy messy nightmare.

I was under the impression that this would be the case also. I was not looking forward to sorcery, but I think Funcom nailed it, and now I love it.
I have not really played with zombies much, as I have never been a walking dead genre fan. I test ran a few but was not impressed.
The best parts of sorcery IMO are the armor transmog and the portals. Plus I love the whole perks rework.


posting this for amplification:

What’s this now?.. lol

“How To Use The Zombie Weapon Exploit” :wink:

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A recent patch has allowed undead minions to wear armor and use weapons. Three Zombies with the authority perk, are insanely overpowered.

The updates more and more remind me of this :slight_smile:
GIF puzzle infinity - animated GIF on GIFER


Is it a 'sploit tho?
It has been this way for more than an update and while we have seen numerous reports, have we had official word that this is not a feature rather than bug?

Yes. I’m not talking about giving gear to your zombies. I’m talking about taking their built-in “weapons” away. That makes it clear it’s an exploit.

But what about all the built in gear that this one’s rescued bearer thralls come equipped with?

It is a mess. Hopefully it is addressed and corrected soon.

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I tried this last night the way Firespark lays it out. Maybe it works well in single player or empty servers, but absolutely trash on a busy server. Definitely not game breaking.

One zombie would attempt to attack every 5-10 seconds, the other two either stood around or ran around trying to get position. They may hit hard and take a beating but they end up hitting very rarely and mostly taking a beating.

This isn’t commentary on whether to fix it or not, if it’s a bug, fix it. But I think it’s impact might be exaggerated a bit. Both the boss scorpion and red mother beat the tar out of them.

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In large scale group pvp where you have 4-5+ players with 3 a piece wielding bows you will see a different result. It’s oppressive.