Best Gear for Zombies

With the newest update, we may now kit out our shambling hordes.
This one thinks it’s a questionable idea, but this one is not the only player, so Hakuna Matata.

This is a strategy inquiry.
With the ability to put armour and weapons on your Zombies, how are you building them?
With the ability to have 3+ (with correct builds) at a time, is it safe enough to focus on attack rather than HP?
As with all thralls, Heavy armour is the only way to go.
With regards to weapons, do you prefer to diversify, having one sunder, and DoTs for the rest? Or do you just make the run to max bleed and poison? Does your main character participate at range, or get in the mix? Does the new ability to gear undead change which perks you corrupt?

There seems to be a graphical glitches where one cannot see the armour the resurrected corpses are wearing.

Also, to note, they tend to punch a couple times before using their equipped weapons, but so do many thralls.

Does this new development change your Necromancer builds?

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No, the graphics are fine. There is a mechanics glitch where you can put armor onto your zombies.

For those who equip their zombies, enjoy losing your armor to the exploit tax when it glitches out and poofs off them.

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This one missed where word from on high noted this is a bug.
Do you, perchance, have a link?

Zombies are temporary.
Anything left on them likewise will be.

Which brings us back to what is the best throw away gear?
Is it better to scavenge stuff off of fallen foes, or just make low grade, +dam% gear?

Feroxic Daggers are a bold move on Exiled lands, but Venom Daggers may be a good alternative.

To note, for raw damage, the item pouch they have equipped by default is fairly strong, about 10% Pen and, 40 Dam. So just gearing for damage may be a bad move

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