0/10 experience

So i tried to play conan again after a long time only to find my character deleted in the server i was playing but that is okay. I tried to log in a more popular server only to create my character and die instantly when i spawned. Respawning timer has reached 0 and i am still dead for the last 10 minutes without anything happening. Such a big disappointment after so many years of development.

Edit 1: tried to relog for the 3rd time. I am in loading screen for 5min+

Could you elaborate a little more? When you create your character and die, is it just the desert sands around or are there structures or something? Also, you say

what do you mean exactly? Same as before, you create your character, spawn in and just die? Nothing around, just death?

i made the character, i spawn in game and i am dead. Nothing around me from what i could see, the death camera was just rolling around my dead body. I waited for the countdown to reach zero 0 so i could respawn. Nothing happened. The respawn timer is zero with the desert spawn option selected but its stuck there. Now i am unable to login in that server because i go to infinite loading screen. i altf4 to go into another server and it works just fine. Both were official servers.

i had the issue happening on official 1124 but i was able to play normally on official 1095

Is the server at or near max capacity? Maybe there isnt an open spot for you to join and at character creation it wigs out and lets you create but can’t exceed the max slots (40/40 when you try to join for example). I’m just speculating of course.

The server was at around 25/40

It’s possible that you got hit by a sandstorm since their path now hits south of the river (yes, even the spawn area), but that wouldn’t explain why you couldn’t respawn. Probably should file this one over in the bug reports section. :frowning:

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