0% stat growth chance?

I caught the named Eyegouger thrall, and all his stats have 0% stat growth. All my other thralls have stat growth. Two cannibal brutes, one performer and one ritualist. How come Sorschut Eyegouger doesn’t get anything?

There can be such bug. Better let him go and try to catch another one, there is no use of training him.

This is a known bug from my understanding as I’ve seen this posted here on the forums back on Feb 1st (Here) and a community manager replied. Eyegouger seems to be the only one who has this bug.


The thread is closed, will provide a screenshot later today.

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Here we are. He has bonuses because I gave him grilled steak and cooked fish, but otherwise he comes with nothing.

Hi !!!

I have at least two of these “archers”… they are both 0 – 0% for each attribute.
It is certainly not a random thingy… this guy is certainly a nammed thrall, but certainly known for some sort of lazyness…
Further more, I trained one to lvl 10… I devoted him a lot of time to educate him… of course he stays at 0 – 0%. he got a perk… some bonus on vitality.

This one is an “infamous one”. Maybe his friends and allies called him “the eyegouger” for one reason! they all lost one eye during a hunting party with this guy!!!


Is there a chance that if you keep capturing him, to get one with stats that work or will he always be at 0?

I think for now, this guy will be mostly at 0 – 0% useless to capture and levl him again and again, as I said, I did the test!

wait for some fix by funcom.
Maybe they will answer it is not a bug but a joke.

Will try that tonight. Meanwhile I have submitted the report.

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Sadly this forum is designed to close topics (especially bug reports) before they are resolved.
Thanks for re-submitting it. It’s the only way things will get addressed.

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