Sorschut Eyegouger placed, can't level

Game mode:Online Private
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Playing a private PVP server, i captured Sorschut Eyegouger. After breaking on wheel, i went to place the thrall. It did not have any preset stats, but i took it to level. The game said it leveled up, but the stats did not change. HP was like 1200. When i had it start following, i didi have another thrall folllowing already. It swapped them like normal (have done this before with no ill effects) and the other thrall is still okay. Being as it is not my server, i don’t know if i can recreate it with the same thrall. I did capture another thrall later, and it worked as normal. Again, do not know if it was a one off bug, or something with Sorschut Eyegouger.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Capture Thrall
  2. Break on Wheel
  3. Go to look at pre stas, all 0’s and 0% chances.
  4. Break bond with broken thrall :frowning:

Hi @WhatMightHaveBeen, thank you for your report, we’ll have the team look into this matter!

Did you get a look at his stats? Last I checked him he was spawning with 7 (should be 15) Agility and 15 (should be 30) Survival.

He is an unusual named T3, not a T4.

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Source required.

He’s had T3 stats since before the thrall update. He’s been reported as a presumed bug, but Funcom never changed him.

I have had the same experience last week on offical PVP svr. I cannot remember if he was a yellow bordered healthbar NPC or not though. When I placed him he had 0% upgrade chance on all stats. He fell through the world shortly after being placed (prob my fault for placing him between two close buildings) so had to log out and back in. When he popped back up he still had 0% chance at upgrades. I got him to lvl 10 and he got a perk and it was applied normally, but still had 0% chance on everything.

I harvested him from the Darfari Camp - Fleshtearer Falls

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I am pretty sure I saw this reported after the last patch also and got the same replay it would be looked into , guess they missed looking in to it.

All 0’s. Like it spawned as an OG thrall. first thought was maybe the admin spawned it pre-patch, and it was wandering around in that are and not ever captured. But the server resets daily. From my experience as a server owner, that deletes any admin spawned NPC’s (one of my gripes about privates on console :confused: ).

the only thing i can think of is that i had a thrall following and did the quick swap, which was to just have the new one follow. The other thrall stopped following, and is normal. but i have done this a few times on officials and it did not cause a problem before.

I can second that. I have had it before. It breaks as fast as a T3, no yellow border. And the one I had used the T3 experience table to level against. so it was quicker than normal.

He’s not supposed to be that way, is he? Rhetorical question I guess. He’s the only T4 Darfari Archer and he’s messing up my graphs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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