1 foot of water and corpse unretrievable total BS

rhino knocks me water and now i cant get my stuff

I had the same thing happen to me, but a bear killed me on land about 10 feet from the water. I saw the body fall on dry ground. I get back there and my body somehow moved 20 feet from the spot I fell and was in knee deep water and I could not retrieve my items.

Did you try using ā€œCā€ to get below surface level (or whatever the console key is for diving)?

I am using the XBOX One X.

ok then, use whatever button makes you dive. Then you can loot bodies underwater.

Trust me. I have tried diving under the water and in most cases have not been able to interact with the corpse to retrieve the gear. This is a known issue that the devs are working on correcting.

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What I have done when this has happened is destroy the body so it leaves a bag of your loot. Then drop random stuff over the body until the bag is large enough to stick out of the water.


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