[#1005 PvE EU Official] Server Rubberbanding/Disconnecting - Lost all my stuff @ Volcano

Greetings there,

it seems a bunch of your official servers have begun to rubberband for past an hour, which also causes disconnects. The whole server is empty now.

While all of your official servers have gotten high pings for whatever reasons, I checked private servers which still had regular pings of about 40~70.

I lost all my stuff at the entrance of the Volcano and I dont own any more “specialized” Armor to enter it, so not being able to “quickly” go back to re-gain my stuff easily!! 2 rescue attempts failed […]

My Thrall and Horse returned back after my first death, but disappeared after my 2nd.

My Level 20 named Berserker “Dalinsia Snowhunter” died (?) as well as my Level 20 Grey Horse. And so I want a compensation, want my most important stuff back. I don’t want to get back everything though.

I want back:

  • 1x Level 20 Dalinisa Snowhunter
  • 1x Level 20 Grey Horse
  • 1x Nemedian Warhorse Saddle …not really important
  • 2x “Epic” Guardian Helmet - Crafted with “Shieldwright”
  • 2x “Epic” Guardian Chestguard - Crafted with “Shieldwright”
  • 2x “Epic” Guardian Gauntlets - Crafted with “Shieldwright”
  • 2x “Epic” Guardian Legplates - Crafted with “Shieldwright”
  • 2x “Epic” Guardian Sabatons - Crafted with “Shieldwright”

All my Weapons, Tools and Modifications for all these can be easily crafted again, but I want that stuff back which I listed above. So I can continue on Conan Exiles. Please notify me of any of your actions.


I still wonder how my Thrall and my Horse died within a minute…

Just re-checked, my Thrall and Horse aint be listed anymore and are gone.
Disappeared by lag/glitch/bug?!

If it is somehow possible, rollback the server to the state it was 2 hours ago (back to 1am ~ 2am CET).

Hi @N3tRunn3r

Please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk so they can look into this further.
You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures