1932 Server still has people using cheats to get into unavailable areas of the map

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Region: [1932 Server]

There is a guild on Official PVP Server (Their guild name is blank…they dont have a name listed it just has no characters) that is using exploits to get into at least one area of the map that should be unavailable making it impossible to reach them. This is happening in the jungle “Forgotten City”, they are basically glitching themselves up into one of the domes of the pagodas.

They stream all the time and you can actually see this. They go around attacking other guilds / players without any worry of retaliation because you cant reach them!! The northern most building on grid N5

Please help!!

Their Stream is
www huya com/16802028

One of the only guild names I can read is Finly.

These guys are cheaters and should be banned from the server / game.

this team has already been reported two months ago with evidence of their action trhrough several threat on this forum; they are ex players of MD, they base their whole gameplay on glitch, and Stream it.

They have used a glitch language preference to not make appear their clan name; this have already been reported by previous message on this forums month ago…. providing video showing them using the thrall pot to undermesh with their complete steam id.

Their clan name is LOL
on 1932 they will appear as as blank name because of the glitch. is it a normal stand for funcom to tolerate this for months ? and let their customers suffer from this ? 1932 after being dead after the action of this clan was jsut starting to repopulate; mean what ? they are starting again. same players, same clan, same cheat. Server will be dead again 2 weeks.

Now they place bed Inside structure allowing them to spawn Inside closed structure not accessible, this glitch have been corrected in the past and is obviously back. and there is dozen of spots where you can do that…

and they suicide their characters to go in / out and manage the inventory transfer throught glitched chest and or accesible cadaver through little hole in structure.

As said the only way for your players to deal with that is to make god what they were in the past : nuke for glitched structure/undermesh.

for a reminder

we are talking of exactly the same players… 2 months later on server offi 1932….

Dear Tascha after your answer of 5th november we still waiting for something done before server 1932 become dead again. you could first investigate why their name clan do not appear on server 1932. Players : VS; Finly, Ambersunshine, XF1, Quicksilver, thomas.
Name clan at is creation was LOL; now appearing as if they were solo players without any reference to a clan name. Their building appearing as owned by :

because they used a glitch to do that…. thanks for your help and happy new year.

I think they still laugh a lot, but all others fair players not….

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