1998 and 1999 SA servers continue to have problems

The problem of infinite loading on servers SA 1986 1996 1976 was corrected, but in 1998 and 1999 the problem continues. Are you forecast for correction?

Foi corrigido o problema do loading infinito nos servidores SA 1986 1996 1976, porém no 1998 e 1999 o problema continua. tem previsão para a correção?


infinite loading in #1998 and others. We demand answers!

1998 still stuck on infinite loading.

SA 1997 has the same issues

I’m sorry I’m being repetitive but you’ve had enough time to fix the servers # 1998 # 1999! SHAME!!!

Please correct the 1998 and 1999 me and my friends want to play together, that’s the idea of the game is not it? Only the other South American servers were fixed and we were watching ships …

sadly nothing was fixed 3/6 SA servers are not working, so out of the 240 slots( wich is pretty low) for SA we only have 120…

Another day, still impossible to log.

You are not alone. I want to send them to PQP but surely I would be banned in a few minutes here from the forum. It’s impressive the gigantic incompetence of the support team in solving simple problems or at least giving a justification to their clients …


Você não está sozinho. Eu tenho vontade de mandar eles pra PQP mas certamente eu seria banido em alguns minutos aqui do forum. É impressionante a gigantesca incompetência da equipe de suporte em resolver problemas simples ou ao menos dar uma justificativa para seu clientes…

yep, same here, infinit loading screen on official servers and on privates too! not again plz

At this moment the server # 1998 left again …

Server #1996 #1997 and #1999 got this issue. What a long wait…still cant play the game in a weekend.

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sits and cries … or moves to Europe … because there they are giving attention to their players …

at this moment I’m already 20 minutes trying to enter the server # 1998, now it’s wait another 30 … soon I play: D

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