1h axe META becomes stale and annoying

People running around with rope and spamming right click with 1h axe gets annoying.

The weapon has a decent animation set, low stamina cost, HYPER ARMOR and high damage. The only thing it lacks is reach. But the first heavy leap that they always repeat solves this issue.


Does anyone play PvP in this game??

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This could be a problem if there weren’t easy & obvious solutions. For example: Not all axes have shieldsmash…so maybe raise your shield? Defensive roll–sure, he leapt to where you were. Axe-wielder coming at you too fast? Employ the Skyrim Maneuver–arrow to the knee, instant cripple/slow. (This last one gets even better if you’re using Set arrows.)

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They did, in 2.4. I assume you are on console, so you’ll see those changes soon.

Why? It is not like there are no countermeasures against them, or for that matter that opponents who use them cannot be defeated. So I dont feel that there is a need to nerf a weapon just because it feels “stale and annoying”. And let us just say for a moment that they did, then what, a new meta emerges, and a couple of months later we then have to nerf another weapon into the dirt because it is no longer flavour of the month, or because people can not find a working solution!?

Sorry but I disagree; the one handed axe does NOT need to be nerfed.


Guy on my private server started using a 2h hammer. Most of us run about with shield and axe so we figured he would be easy pickings. Over an hour of one on one combat and more than several deaths he was standing in a pile of our corpses laughing at us. We were flabbergasted to say the least. Moral of the story is it’s not the length or size of the weapon it’s how you wield it. If something feels stale in your opinion master a new weapon and catch your opponent of guard.


Yeey lets nerf another weapon topic…

U know what ? I have an easy solution for u.

Instead of whinning, carry an axe and go attack ur opponents 1st…

Plz pvpers , stop whinning for everything that might kill u… Adapt to the situation instead (and this is not for all pvpers ofc… Its for the ones that lost a duel and come here to whine …)



Look at the yellow people. They only jump with first heavy attack and wield a rope.

Okay, then post an actual bug report. Good luck.

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I’mma be honest: I can’t even watch that thing without getting motion sickness. I’m assuming you blew out your FOV? That, plus your insanely rapid spinning of the camera…dank ferrik. I’m going to suggest your problem isn’t with what other players are using to fight you with, it’s you fighting your vertigo.

Thanks for your comment, but this doesn’t help me against the problem.

I hope you realized that we play on different skill levels. What you suggested in post #3 might work on your skill level. But not on mine.

Why do I write that? Because you clearly never played on the skill level I do because you would get motion sickness. Rapid camera movement (it was slow in the video btw) is needed to keep track on the enemy. So I assume you play with a controller.

Next thing is: your arrow slow works vs. people with ENC < 20. It does not work on my level where everyone has 20+ ENC. Also the first heavy leap completly ignores cripple.

I get it. You’re a badass. You may consider me thoroughly cowed. Fear not–should we ever find ourselves on the same server (spoiler: we won’t), I’ll be sure to give you a wide berth and sing your praises to every maiden & spear-polisher in the Exiled Lands.

Full disclosure: I play on PC. I run my own private server. I play with keyboard and mouse. I don’t PvP, but if I did, you’d really hate me, because my current main is an archer; your petty melee concerns matter little when you’re knocked back and/or on your ass, all while 10 stacks of poison burn through your veins and my Greater Hyena nibbles on your toes.

I’ll go over this one more time before I sigh quietly to myself and abandon this thread: If someone comes at you with a heavy attack/axe leap, DON’T BE THERE WHEN THEY ARRIVE. If you don’t want to dodge roll (maybe you don’t think it’s manly enough?), remember that not all axes offer shieldsmash, so have that shield ready & raise the damn thing. Quit with the “this is the meta and I can’t instacounter it” whinging and use some gorram strategy!

Peace: said.
Thread: abandoned.

Bro get on my level and learn the meta. Yo @Chad, teach this fella how to meta.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m pretty sure he just wants funcom to nerf it lol just nerf everything i can’t counter or don’t know how to use

Lol this is so funny I never see console players asking for nerfs only the master race not saying all pc players are like this but the nerf topic seems to come up more seems to be a nerf topic everyday a never ending cycle of nerfs where does it stop

All that’s y console players don’t ask for nerfs because it gets nerfed into the ground on pc before we get it dumb me lol

ur name is “axe is annoying”…

no further comments … go play a game where no axe exists…

Where is the skill in pressing Right Click and Left Alt?

The game was in a much better state when animation canceling was still possible. So the scrubs were filtered out because they didn’t know how to increase their DPS with offhand canceling techniques.

Oh I still remember the whining in global chat.

I uninstalled this lame game. Back to Dota 2 (more skill required).

good u uninstalled this “lame game”. now off the forums as well…

enjoy ur dota

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LoL; So, using an exploit was what you called skill—the funny guy saying funny stuff. If the axe is debilitating now for you, it means that you were never good, to begin with.