1h sword too fast PVE (connection Issue?)

In PVE, try to dodge a light attack from a thrall with 1h sword. I haven’t tried it in PVP but you get hit before the animation goes off. I can dodge all the other weapons of thralls personally.

edit: Dodgeable in PVP

edit: This may be because of a connectivity issue. I can dodge the sword fine in singleplayer. Problem in multiplayer.

edit: Added spear, had same problem when thralls heavy attack with spears.

Try blocking with a shield. More effective.

True, but it’s just buggy how a hit registers before the animation plays.

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Try hiting him before he hits you. 1handers never touch me in pve unless I mess up badly. In which case it’s only natural that I take the punishment.

The trick is to start your swing right before they get in range and if possible, stick to their flanks. Use the staggers to get your combo in then dodge out of their range. Rinse and repeat. Easy stuff.

I do the same thing but it’s not about me killing them. It’s about the NPC hitting me before an animation goes off. That just ruins the game makes it look unprofessionally made.

I can agree to that. Heck, if we’re on the topic of polishing attack animations and hitboxes, might aswell add that the rhino charge feels kindof wonky. Dodging out of the way only puts me back directly in its face “not to be mistaken with it turning towards me”.

Oh, and also I hate the short sword’s downward slash. (second light attack) It never connects, and I’ve tried all sorts of angles/distances.

Thinking about it now… This topic probably belongs in bug reports.

I’ll post something in bug reports thanks for feedback!

You could have edited the topic opening post and switch it to bug reports as well.
It happened to me. I totally though I posted that in suggestions, but it went into bugs instead. :confused: