Thralls NOT attack with 1H Sword after Patch

Yesterday was everything fine.
Today after the Patch, my Thrall is not attacking anymore with 1H Sword (Gladius on Siptah)
This is really bad. With 1H Axe its working…

PvE Official Server.

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Hello @CoYoT3, is this happening with other 1-handed sword variants?

Does it only happen with a specific thrall?

I don’t think it’s all 1-h swords. There is definately a problem with the voidforge gladius. I know shortsword of the grey ones works.

Have same problem with my thrall.Voidforge gladius.Thrall just going around enemies but not attacking

With other 1-Handed Swords too, i test it some Minutes ago.
And with other Thralls too. The Thrall is walking to the Enemy but makes nothing… Maybe 1 Hit all 30 seconds but no combo nothing…
I craft a simple Iron 1Hand Sword… Same Problem. Only a normal hit all 30seconds… no combo. Useless

I’m getting the same thing. I’ve noticed it on 1H + shield so far with T4 Accursed fighters. When they start trying to use the shield it seems to mess up their combat completely and they eventually just stop fighting or reacting (won’t even eat) from that point on. I left them with the weapons + shield they came off the wheel with.

For me it was 1H starmetal hammer and 1H starmetal sword. This was on Jerik and Beast-Tamer Varet so far; both on Isle of Siptah.

Played around on Exile Lands for about an hour and my T4 thrall, Airk the slayer didn’t want to attack archers. Switched weapons which seemed to work but then didn’t seem to work.

Problem with shield wos before update.And katana too

Same here.
Could the DEVs please stop messing up the thrall system?
This is annoying beyond belief that after every damn patch something breaks.

Private Server, g-portal
Mods like “better thralls” installed
All thralls, T3 and T4
Starmetal shortsword
Thralls do not properly attack anymore if at all

We will now try around with various 2H and bows to see if thralls handle these better for now.

You just released Siptah and expect us to shell our more money for your game and this is was you deliver?

Addendum: Bows are working.
2H weapons are working too except Musashis black blade.

It all started when they tried to “streamline” the combat animation mechanics - it seems like removing some cause some breakdown in the thrall AI/behaviour. They probably can’t roll back now, as too much time was invested.

…wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just re-write the code responsible for handling those animations from ground up? I mean, Funcom themselves said that it was literarily thousands (something like 8000, or so?) animations on the map, so the amount of created gaps by just removing pieces in the combos seems also rather…easily overlooked.

It seems the problem is they use only animators and artists and no programmers. The game isn’t optimized at all. It’s 120 GB for not that great visual and audio effects. There are so much visual and localization bugs it’s almost unplayable at the moment.

No Patch for it? :frowning:

Not for months now so who knows… Full release of IoS with broken core game warriors. :woozy_face:

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