2 more years support for CE and then end? Real Questions! / Real Answers?

let’s keep this short, without extra sauces and ranting about topics…Your CEO hinted that they count with perhaps 2 more years of supporting the game (not denied that maybe even more). What will You do during these years? …don’t pretend that some of the following parts have none or less priority for Your community. WE WANT ALL OF THEM. Can You stand in front of us again, all of You Funcom CE team :slight_smile: and make these points finally cleared once and for all so we can sleep well? :smiley:

  1. MAP EXTENSION (Perhaps do new map extension even for a price of a loading screen or a separation from the current map?)
  2. BETTER AI (Is that even possible? Or at least fix it so it doesn’t break immersion akka running 3m away from player when charging on him)
  3. MOUNTS (From promotional YES, to hard ground reality NO, to newly felt MAYBE, we are expecting that in some sort of way. THIS IS A MUST for Your game to survive longer)
  4. SORCERY (You said that, You promised us that, then You said NO…at least program something what can utilize corruption somehow)
  5. SETTLEMENT SYSTEM (You said that, You promised us that, then You said NO… is that a problem with AI as well?)

now the “easier” stuff

  1. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION extension (new body types, additional sliders, faces, haircuts, scars, other anomalies attached to the bodies/faces to match with lore possibilities…and if You think this have lesser priority YOU ARE WRONG, RPG game = a lot of people are CRAZY about these possibilities!)

  2. NEW ANIMATIONS (Playing 18+ game I expect to see the dirtiest and evil animations possible…and not just them. Sexiles mod is fine, but c’mon You are wasting potential here, hire the modders, work with them, or do Your own, hide it in the server admin check mark menu if You think it is too much for some players eyes…sometimes I have the feeling from the community streams that You think of Your audience that they are bunch of children playing The Sims…this is R game, act upon it. More content is nice, but this is a field of great opportunity to grow upon to)

  3. Revisiting old DLC’s (new building pieces coming in newest DLC’s are amazing, why don’t we get those new pieces also for the other building texture types? And why there is no arena item themed added in the newest DLC? :smiley: What kind of strategy is this?)

  4. Your designers (armor, items and everything else) are extremely talented people, tripple up their salaries and make them work 24 per day to produce more content :smiley: Of course joking, but You got my point. After You add points 1-8 into the game, they will have a lot of things to do! :smiley:

Now dear Funcom, I was critical, ranting, sometimes even rude towards You. Then I realized that after my 700h on PvP servers I spent another 700h on PvP RP server …so clearly You did a lot of things RIGHT (but modders saved the game for You truth to be said) and it would be pity to give up on this Magnificent-bug-AI crappy-awesomelylooking-smallmap-nomounts-nosorcery-loveatfirstsight game…and I want to thank Your team at the end for making it possible. <3


Im lost -
There was ‘no sorcery’ - then there was, not long ago, ‘sorcery is on our plate after the big bug fix update’
… did that change - again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im guessing sorcery is indeed coming (in some fashion) with the last DLC that is in Season 2 pack.

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Sorcery just seems to be one of those things that never truly gets a consistent answer, it’s like being told you’ll be taken to Disney Land if you get A’s on your report card, yet no matter how many A’s you get you still haven’t made your way there.

In the beginning it was talked about being implemented, but as time went on no sorcery was in sight. Whenever people asked about it, we were always told it’s because they needed graphic designers for it. No suggestion given to the dev’s seemed to matter, either. I’ve suggested things such as:

  1. Have a modding contest for it. Give the main abilities to players and let them mod the animations for it. The winner has their assets put into the live game.

  2. Hire someone who’s not local. It’s 2019, people can work from a distance.

  3. Just put some damn people on the project, instead of working on all sorts of crazy DLC’s and RTS games.

As time goes on, I keep hearing different things related to it. One person says no, it’s so far on the back-burner that it may not even happen. Then later on someone else says something that gives hope that it’s still being considered, only for later to hear that it’s not being considered. I don’t have links to back this up, so sorry about that, and with that said I haven’t had my finger on the pulse too much recently but here’s the last thing I read regarding it:

In other words, stop asking about the trip to Disney Land we promised you, we’ll tell you if it’s going to happen. That’s another way of saying we’re probably not going on that trip. :frowning:


We have sorcery, it’s called archery.

“Puts on Pictish Wizard gear that grants accuracy and starts shooting healing arrows”


A clear yay or nah would be nice on the sorcery subject to be sure. As for mounts even they do come in some form understand they would not be for faster travel.

Sorcery will be a “nyeahhh” as it continues to bleed into our existence.

Mounts have exactly zero need. But they will be cool when they come in.

/crystal ball

Actually they’d make great alternatives to obelisk travel. Instead of having to deal with walled off obelisks or getting ganked before you fully load in, you could just hop onto a mount and go wherever.

That’s never happened to me because I always just run wherever all the time. My clan mates and server mates are regularly amused by this. I like the scenery. Travel is part of the thing, even if your house is being burned down. And believe me, it has, whilst running toward it. :smiley:

I hope at end of this year, they have started on Conan Exiles II, or new engine for PS5/PC etc etc.

For me, I’ve been all over map… nocks and crannies… I need a new full map a few months back.
There already behind for me. XD lol

Alot of changes we want, wont happen just do to game engine as is. And alot of stuff can’t be changed with out massive rework.

To me, Finish up this year DLC, maybe sneak in a 3rd season, But hopfully there preparing for 2nd game.
CE did well, it beats out alot of Surv games out there, they just need to improve alot of details and fine tune whats working and push on. Hopfully with less limits.

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We who? I do not want Sorcery in the game and I know mounts are not feasible thus I am fine with not having them. So before you speak for everyone perhaps you should actually know what you are saying. The truth to your statement is YOU want all of them.

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YES SURE! Sorry for using the word WE, I should say WE excluding Oduda. :wink: chill

I have seen plenty of others who don’t agree with having Sorcery in the game. So again, you are talking for people who do not agree with you instead of allowing them to talk for themselves.

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to be fair, its 2019 and “we” “everybody” etc etc are figure of speech. But cause its 2019 people been taking them literal and have fits over there use.

When someone says everybody, they dont mean everybody… cause thats just insane.
If i say everyone one loves cookies! I really don’t mean every single person in the known universe… let alone people who have never had cookie or even seen one, (like some tribe in amazons…lol)
But “alot” of people like/love cookies…

As for Sorcry… I’ll be honest. the “Lore” version of Sorc in Conan sounds boring and dumb…
Hey, i love idea, I do. Its great watching it in movies…
But how it works…and how it work in game. No thanks…

Gimmie some proper lore breaking magic, so we have new rnage type that “FUN” to use.

I really don’t wanna sit cross legged and pray and moan and chant and all that just to buff myself. Its a Video game, real world/lore rules can sometimes go stick it were sun don’t shine. XD

im pretty sure people flagged your post because you pointed out something they cant defend on. iwouldnt be surprised if oyu got a 2 weeks ban afterward too.

2 years is too much. half the people i have met in conan moved to other games like ark, apex, 7days to die and even minecrap.

1- we were told there was a possible work in progress to expand the missing part of the map months ago… nothing so far

2-betetr ai mopnsters ai yes definitly an improvement but they still take a dive in lava. thrall AI… even paris hilton has betetr brain scripitng and im pshing for the longest shot ever on this one.

3- keep dreaming. ytou dont need mounts in conan since you can cover the mapin diagonal in 10-15 minutes by foot

4- not happening. that was to keep us there andi doubt we wille ver seeit happening. they did give us necromancy or something that looks like some kind of possible necromancy.

5- keep dreaming. people over build and during pvp hours it owuld be a nightmare or they woudl have to make a specific script for thhose settlement that would auto turn off pvp. also it would allow abuser a shot at killing players while being outside the non pvp zone and making them lose everything they have. consdiering how bad some of the coding was done iwouldntbe surprised that they would probably breakthe anti pvp coding script and it owuld crash the hosting server in the process.

6- sim and RP game players love char customisation. im a huge as hell fan of rpgs and survival games. if i spend more than 5 mintues making a char i go berserk. im not going to spend my days working on the facial looks of a char only to emote and go nowhere.

7- keep dreaming its not happening.

8 -not happening. selling new character modelsand structures while adding 2-3 BFA mode dungeons > making sure the rest works

9- not happening. thye barely made any profit since the game came out because they barely fixed anything so far less a few bugs and items.

I didn’t flag him, but his claim is pathetically easy to “defend” since it’s flawed from the outset. See below.

I would, since being wrong isn’t a crime. If it were you’d have been in jail long ago. Try again, and hold the conspiracy sauce this time.

Yeah except we’re not talking different teams, we’re talking an entirely different company (Petroglyph Games). Funcom is just the publisher.

I too have my issues with the “different teams” reasoning at times, but this is not one of those cases where you can fault it (since it’s not a different teams case at all).

The thing with Sorcery is that people mean very different things with it. Robert E. Howard’s stories didn’t have wizards flinging fireballs at their enemies like modern D&D fantasy, yet this seems to be the stuff some people advocating for sorcery seem to want. That just doesn’t fit in the lore.

The sorcery in Howard’s books was more ritualistic, such as cursing people from afar, clairvoyance, summoning otherworldly servants, communicating with dark entities, shapeshifting and the occasional animating the dead. And something like that is difficult to implement in an action game.

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yeah… maybe pvp - but I role-play single player.

Though what you say: “summoning otherworldly servants”, “shapeshifting”, etc. - totally could be pvp.
Cursing people from afar and clairvoyance - like WoW where you can use an eye to travel to see where your enemy is… just saying, they could do some cool things. :slight_smile:

Yes, I remember the bit about animation - seeing its UE4, and they have free animation packs in the UE4 - they could have just used those and peeps would be fine. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though - totally remember before that big update (the one that was to focus on fixing the main bugs before making more content updates) it was specifically stated Sorcery was after that.

My guess is that it may or may not be what people are thinking, they are adding elements - and when the last DLC of the season (Derketo) comes out… wouldn’t be surprised if a sorcery content update came with it. (like the PVP update with the Blood and Sand DLC)

Sorcery is part of Conan Lore and it was a part of promotion of the game. I can live without it, but it feels similar like playing a knight in a Tolkien world which would have silenced all magic. The modders are trying to come up with something and it doesn’t look that bad, but I would expect clear and final message towards community, as well as for the other points I mentioned.