A new year and still no sorcery

I see 4 dlcs and no sorcery.

Give us sorcery or remove corruption.

As of now corruption is worthless.

It’s annoying to see so much dlc and no sorcery.

Funcom do you understand stand how much dlc you could make from just having sorcery.

Spell skins,Sorcery building types,reskin of perts,thrall reskins. I see sorcery = huge profits for Funcom.

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I would like to point out something for you not that i don’t agree. I would love to see sorcery soon and for it to show its full potential glory. However the two teams that work on the dlc and mechanics are entirely different.

The DLCs that have been released as of late have all been the art team and have had nothing to do with the other teams. As such these guys don’t take any time to toy with Sorcery until the Mechanics team finishes their work on them. Then the Art team makes how the spells and such look but until they have the mechanics to go with the they can’t make art.

Also the ART team Generally doesn’t have any programing experience and as such they do not work on mechanics or anything else outside of design which means they can continue to make DLC armors weapons and buildings without slowing the process of new mechanics coming out, Which in turn pays all of thair wages.

If sorcery were to come out faster they would have to neglect other things in exchange for this. IE (Bug fixes, balancing and other such things.) Would have to be put on hold. At the moment i do agree it is a huge bummer that we can’t sling spells around and that corruption serves no purpose at the moment. However i think a new map might be a better way to go at this very moment as that would be up the art teams ally for the most part and it would draw a large number of old players back (Having the old players back would likely get them buying DLCs which in turn they could use the extra profit to hire more programers to churn out more mechanics more rapidly and fix other bugs at a higher rate.)

Everything works like gears and right now they are turning as fast as they can. The most recent thing they have worked on was a massive amount of bug fixes and balancing which means the next logical step is new content. So you might just get your wish.





Hey Bryan. Happy new year.

I am way too tired right now to go and grab your hand, put a link in it to the latest news about sorcery and stuff.
As far as I believe to know, the next big update will cover sorcery AND a huge change to the siege system.
Those WILL take longer. I’m placing my bet on first detailed informations in february and testlive in march… or maybe later.
Why they will take longer?
Easy to answer. Balance. That isnt too easy to pull off and also the special effects guy (needed for sorcery) has been missing until full launch, so they likely couldnt start working on it until a short time ago.
Sorry. Your very own Lich-necro-(f)arts will take a while longer.
(Seriously, I get out of corruption clouds as fast as possible as if it was the worst fart ever smelled.)

I think there is noone who hasnt read about that and who has been around as long as bryan. (Really hard to not type Brian. The temptation…) But some just ignore it.
I mean hey! He ignored how sorcery has been talked about at least a month ago since it was more or less confirmed (?). Thats a huge one to pull off.
He doesnt want to understand this.


Looking forward to seeing the next big update then!

You act like sorcery is so hard. You can’t have profits if your game dies.

Conan exiles as of now is behind minecraft. I hate minecraft.

There a thing called too much dlc.

It’s taking too long.

65 dollars for a preorder downloadable game.

I been here since release.

Well currently all DLC are entirely cosmetic and make no change to the game as it currently sits outside of giving you different things to wear or build in different biomes.

As for sorcery being difficult or not thats a matter of opinion in and of itself. What is hard to one may not be to another. Personally while i find it is taking an exceptionally long time to implement sorcery i don’t want to see something half baked. Like confusing Alchemy with sorcery like they were talking about a while back.

(Also i’ve been playing the game on ps4 since release and watching development on pc.) As a whole Funcom truly seems to care more about the game being perfected rather than churning out constant new content and compounding bugs. Which is a rare and good thing in the gaming world.

Not saying that no new content is a good thing i am just saying the fact is that they care about the game and with as often as these sorcery threads pop up on here, reddit and other locations the likely hood is it will be coming soon enough at least within this year.

I have been here since release too. And I am an official player, which means I logged in at least once every 4 days in that last 9 months.
I don’t remember having ever paid 40 euros for something that lasted me 9 months and counting.

The shortest entertainment value for which I paid 40 euroes for, was a day at Disney Land, spent out in the hot sun, with endless queues, sweating like a dog and forced to eat overpriced food of questionable nutritional value.

24 euroes for 2 tickets to watch infinity war, forcefully 3D ofcourse.

You know… They are still updating the game. The same can’t be said about infinity war and disney land…

So yes, Bryan. 65 dollars for a downloaded game. For being replayable and evolving, this is incredible value.

As for sorcery. You should check out Single-Player Conan with mods. That already features sorcery and enchantment.

And if you really can’t do without magic, try World of Warcraft, EverQuest, SWTOR, or Dark Messiah.

Ultima Online has some truly amazing magic as well.

My point is… Every game has it’s scope.

Funcom is slow in comparison to other publishers. This is nothing new. Deal with it; Cuz I have.

I have accepted the fact that all things Funcom is an incredibly slow burn. My entire server is set up like a generation ship, everything in maintenance mode, everything sleepy, peaceful, tranquil as if waiting for the next big thing.

It’s like a nice chill Italian or Greek evening. People have come to terms with this pace.

Do something else meanwhile, and let Funcom be Funcom, because I can promise you this…

When Funcom does release something, it has incredible visual quality.

Say what you will about their rushed foundation. But visual fidelity and melee combat system is second to non. It is worth the wait.

Right now they are mending the cracks in the foundations; and rightfully so. I’d rather the purge system work again, before sorcery get’s added, because throwing lightning around is a nice distraction for the awhile, but when you don’t have anything to fight for, why fight at all?

This is why the purge is so important.


If you’re too slow then your game dies. Take a look at Marvel omega. Years for them to jump to consoles. That cost them big bucks. Took thier time like funcom. A dead game now.

It’s better to burn out than to fade away!

All those games PC.

Consoles don’t have access to mods.

Funcom needs our feedback. Else thier game becomes junk.

Lightning isn’t going to be in sorcery. Their magic not elements.

The game is boring. It needs more.

Looking forward to sorcery but at the same time i’m glad they’re not rushing it out. Liking the DLC so far, but hopefully they’ll be more cosmetic items in the future to RP our places up a bit more!

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They are delaying it. It’s time to bring it. The game boring.

Flagging my post as off-topic if it’s a direct answer to something the OP wrote, is poor taste.

It sets a precedence as to what sort of things I can flag… And even this rant is on-topic, because it is within the scope of this argument - I stand by my point by saying the OP is unreasonably impatient.

But hey, I agree with the sentiment - I too want sorcery. But one must walk before one runs.

Pulling on a plant ain’t gonna make it grow faster. It’s what destabilized CE to begin with.

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Have you seen the profits this game made first week on release date?

1 week made total cost of game. Everything else pure profits.

I been waiting. I watch YouTube videos before release date.

I preorder. So this supported waited enough.

So you been waiting… and you watched youtube videos.

What… amazing support that is.

You know. All you needed to do was write: " Still haven’t given up hope waiting on sorcery. Please hurry x) "

That woulda gotten you some likes as well, because it comes off as relatable and lighthearted. It has the same sentiment as what your writing… without being obnoxious.

But instead you come off as an entitled millennial. From one millennial to another, I wish to give you something:

This is a “Sorgenfresser”, which translates to “Worry Muncher”. You write your worries onto a note, and feed it to the Sorgenfresser. It’s a tool to teach and help children and adults to suck it up and cope with problems, but also empowers parents to know what’s worrying the child.

Now; this is a post that you can flag as off-topic :3


I supported the game by preordered it. I paid 65 bucks.

I preorder day 1 of preordering.

Last time I look at the physical copy it was 29.99 at walmart. It could be less now. Sony doesn’t like to lower thier prices. Conan exiles right now digital is 24.99 sony half off sale is going now.

I bought early access on day 1.
Then I bought the Day-One Edition for the Atlantean Sword.
Then I bought all DLC’s they released.
That’s well over 100 euro.
I don’t make such a big deal out of it. (well…except for the Atlantean Sword missing a flawless version)

I use to be harsh at Funcom too. Still am, but i’m being more understanding, patient & eloquent about it.

See, they fixed Njoror Battleborn. That’s a legendary feat in itself. :stuck_out_tongue: I never thought the day would come.

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If you support this game, have faith in the developers. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been playing CE since 2017 and it is unfortunate they don’t have sorcery, but they’ve improved so many things over those years, like thralls as followers, inventory management, some good and not so good AI changes, the armor and weapon mod system, squashing so many annoying bugs I’ve lost count. lol

You’ll get what you paid for, but do you want it as a broken feature or as a fully fleshed out intuitive mechanic that’s well implemented and fun to use?

I dont miss sorcery at all.

Coruptions is a good thing for the game and if they gona do is increas it more and make it harder.

But on a more serious note though…

You aren’t entirely wrong either.
People used to hire beta testers.
Now a days end-users become paying beta testers.
The “entitled millennials” phenomena is a symptom of this dissonance, so I understand where you are coming from.

But do you really have to wear it so thick?