Is sorcery still gonna be a thing?

Obviously not for launch but sometime in the future or will it be cut like mounts?

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Seeing as the coding is already there and it’s just missing the animations and artwork (according to past streams), it is a good possibility that we may get it in a few months. Mounts needed a complete map overhaul/redesign to work, so it’s a much larger project (possibly for a future new map DLC if the initial game does well).

I sure hope the game does well so that we get sorcery in the near future…

unlike mounts, they said they only need the animation art worker who can make as they want.

That’s better news than I was expecting sweet!

Basically Sorcery is not much different from orbs without the orb which makes it pretty easy It is just an unlimited stack thrown weapon with a ground effect like orbs in essence. So would be fairly easy to implement depending what it entails.

god i hope its more than just orbish style

i would hope for magic not just potions in bottles kinda crap

if it requires reagents or is a use item, gonna have to hard pass, best be a use ability slot/slots with mana or some kind of other stat for casting

One the main reasons we are Stygian.

Sorcery in any game is just a series of effects with pretty visuals. We likely have most of the effects already. A healing spell is just a health potion by another name. A Fire ball spell a slight more powerful fight arrow. Poison gas spell a poison orb. A Movement slow spell a cripple effect.

The mechanics are already in the game to allow for it. I would suspect for balance it may not use a reagent as you mean but will likely use a Wand or a Magic orb or something that loses “power” over time and has to be repaired. Just like a weapon does. Each cast will cost stamina like anything else.

I’m guessing here of course there are loads of ways to implement it.

The reality is all they really need is the pretty effects to be made and they can implement it. The fact the Orbs exist means Sorcery just needs the visual assets.

from what ive seen of the mod community they could just steal what other players have done with the tools they all ready have and come across PRETTY good, for free…dont think anyone would complain about having a low partical effect spellcast…i mean look at the fire and tar orb…visuals dont seem to be something they care about on either of those, or hell fire arrows STILL DONT LITE ORBS ON FIRE OR ENEMIES…