2020/2021 any advise on building lose

So i have play this game for a few months after it was out for a few months knew nothing of the game but im a seasoned builder and i enjoy survival game feel in love with it but again knew nothing so the setting made me loose my bases so i quit months of work lost i didnt want to waste time again so i recently picked it back up after seeing all the updates that it reciever it has happened again 2ce this time and i took every procaution i kould think back up saves leaving the area n facing away from the building al the settings are set to not decay or break or b destroy right butt after finishing up my session last night i backed it up after exiting to title screen and same sht why is it doing that to me no one i have asked has ever seen that problem n official or in there personal testing worlds (single coop) and im playing n single coop op so i kan focus on the game learn things experiance the story and get my barrings but i kant even finish my base to get to play kuz i love building so ill build a nice structure and put everything thats needed there so i kan focus on the game n not oh i need 2000 wood to build my pit of yog

I tried posting images to show wat i mean but i kant i had built 2 kastles smallish but fuctional kn water kinda deep but not as deep as the first spot on the great dam but it was down the river on the side so one side of the kastle was a lil deep asm soon as i get klose to being finished like putting roofs over the finished parts or so ill log in again and everything is gone benches map rooms decorations bridges while be floating but if u approach the disapear ill see loot bags from some chests i was storing building items in to make it easier to access would fall from the sky were they was place ive had a total of one structure stay outta the like 10 ive built and i feel its only a matter of time for that one as well but its my starter base for me my would have been team n my wife because her house is next to mine i made us like a pirates kove homes were the ships basically and everything else build wise and benches slaves w.e. ect. Ect. Was on the land we anchored at but i kant seem to get my main houses to stay they just keep disapearin no matter the stability or anything

Im starying to feel like this game is trash its only polished in certain aspects of the game [officials only] and if not if its just me wats wrong wit it is it kuz its the disk i have all updates and i doing something rong by exiting to title menu and if i backed up my save while it was all there why is it still all gone wen i download the back up they need to really rework the structure of this game and the way it handles its self kuz i have kids and sht man i kant be wasting my time building when i kan to b able to have a good time actually playing the game if i log in excited kuz i only need to add furniture or benches or maybe roof a section of the base then i kan play begin my journy and as soon as i turn around after loading in i see floating bridges and a huge empty space were i was gonna kall home i kant keep doing that

I think you are in the wrong forum mate. This is Funcoms “Secret World Legends” forum.

I’m gonna take a wild guess that it’s Conan Exiles

OR you can find any of the others Here

Bro this is the firat time ive evee used a forum chat idk wat im doing im just trying to figure out y i cant enjoy the game like jts really heart breaking to build a place that takes 4 days because of plans n detail they arent even that big and then take prcautions to not have it happen again but then the whole thing disapears.

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Well, I’m glad you have found where you need to be and i hope your issues get sorted or at least advice or answers.
Good luck and welcome.

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