(2023+) STRANGE UI + AOC UI Installer + others ui & 4k

using it atm,… works. THX !!

(my pc decided to reboot lol… windows…)

*adding video tutorial for to install STRANGE UI with AOC UI INSTALLER 3.1.0


hi, i added keybindings JPG to know what action bar & slots works with UI’s…

Did you know that the Strange UI you are hosting is not the last updated one.

it’s latest of 2019…

there’s BelaUI i need to host too (from AOC>TV…)

but if you got a newest StrangeUI ? Please share the link here, THX !! i will host on my pCloud too.

i host ALL I CAN for AOC, so ThX to contribute on the cloud by feeding it, it’s FREE :wink:

→ i had tweaked the strangeUI for 1440p & mostly 4K+… but the pb is you must play 1080p to can read text of AA Alternate Advancement, in 2K/4K it’s unreadable…

that’s why i made this LATEST RECOMMENDED folder on the cloud ; it’s more easier for all.

… but plz host your latest StrangeUI : it will help all of us to easily find AOC ressources.

TY again for your attention & your observation. i can play rarely, but i try to keep up the UI’s here on first post. Returning atm.

post your DL link below so i test & host please.

No 20190328 it is not the latest.

I already posted a link a year ago : (2023+) STRANGE UI + AOC UI Installer + others ui & 4k - #29 by Cappa .

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THX A LOT !! i updated RECOMMENDED folder.

→ strange but i already asked you, answered you, upper on topik, & had downloaded your latest UI and uploaded it on pCloud, & tested/installed it :slight_smile:

-it’s on my tower PC, but not on cloud anymore… O.o , very bizarre lol…

  • i gonna reinstall it on my ASUS ROG ALLY, strangely Kaspersky blacklisted waypoints & aoc.exe in gui : i just bugged while in-game… (edit: added exception on AOC folder)

Kaspersky never done that before : i gonna maybe disable Touch Screen on ROG ALLY… while moving in bed my chest opens some apps etc lol…

But TY AGAIN for the link !! i really dunno why it went deleted from the pCloud :-((((

gonna reinstall it on my ROG ALLY AoC setup :smiley:

PS: i will add BelaUI asap, so we will have almost all UI. need to play now :slight_smile: (edit: added in older ui folder.