220 Profession vs Profession PVP Tournament **BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND**

Hey all, its been a while since i did anything. Last year or the year before i hosted a 220 Prof v prof pvp tourny for the NT’s who wanted to join. Gave out quite a few prizes and the community turn out was dope.
So with that being said, ill be hosting another Tourny on DECEMBER 15th 2020, Turn out expected to be bigger than last time (Hopefully). The professions have not been decided yet, But it wont be NT’s again : )
If you would like to participate feel free to Send me a tell on Ryomae or Raishen, With your Char name , and Profession. Once we get atleast 10 characters of a certain profession, than that profession is officially registered. This tourny is expected to last a minimum of 1 week and will consist of multiple professions. ill keep everyone updated on everything.

Once your Character has been verified. You will notice a Checkbox next to your name! Lets Enjoy this game once more and have another fun round this year.

Due to Popular demand, a 3v3 Tournament will also take place on the same date. Register your team partners in game or on the Forums here, and will be updated as such.

Prizes are still being donated. As of right now we have 5 graces to hand out to the winners of there professions.strong text

Keepers List : Farow [*] Raiten Tiduskeepz

Martial Artist List: Raishen

Engineer List: Ryomae [*] Pepitaz [*]

Enforcer List: Bater [*] Ihavenoalpha [*] Renai [*] Yeetorbyeetn [*] Forz [*}

Fixer List: Azyreil

Agent List: Imenace [*] Codewicked [*]

Trader List: Tagada [*]

Advy List: Tidusky [*] Zrof [*]

Soldier: Rocketz [*]

Crat: Buroz [*] Jeonas The Legend [*]

You can sign me up on Bater for enforcer but perhaps we have a no awakened CH rule or the duels will last literally forever…

Old enfo duels were much more fun!

Halleluja :slight_smile:

Well then, Renai is coming!

Hello good friend, it’s been a while!

BUMP for the bois

Old names, makes me wanna come back :joy::+1:

Tiduskeepz and Tidusky on advy

Codewicked on agent

y0 mate

Throwing my fixer in as well - the name is - Sure

Hy! this still going on?
Pls sign me in :slight_smile:
Enforcer: Forz
Soldier: Rocketz
NT: Nuketz
Eng: Pepitaz
Advy: Zrof
MP: Odinz
NT: Nuketz
Crat: Buroz

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Don’t think so Forz, think Raish is on a break for a bit.

doh :(((

yo shall we reopen this?

Hell yes!

we def can reopen now that i am back,

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Nice to see some familiar names. I miss stuff like this, been so many years since the last time.

KC we need to set this up, we need to bring back some dueling. Maybe to start we can just schedule some days for duels in general so everyone can come and join. If we get some people to show and gain momentum we can than schedule a more official tourney.