2handed Hammer = 2handed Axe

Can someone in the Art department take a low tier and a high tier 2 handed Hammer and squish the head until it resembles an Axe head , that way it’s cosmetic only… mostly so i don’t have to keep reading the same stuff over and over, " People begging for 2handed Axes" Thank you… Maybe even make it part of a weapons and armor skin DLC :smile: if there were a decent amount of skins i’d be willing to pay some $’s

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If they actually put time, effort and work to introduce 2h axes with its unique attacks I’ll be willing to pay for this.

Actually, I would pay again for them to polish the game for real.


I hate how slow the 2 handed hammer is. Such a slow swing.

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I was originally going to say 2 handed sword and hammer depending on prefered playstyle, but it wouldn’t fit in the title :smile:

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