[Theory Crafting] I want 2H Axes, but what would they even do differently?

So i really like two handed axes, and would love for them to be in the game. But when I get around to thinking about it: Other than having a different move set what could axes bring to the pvp of Conan in a unique impactful way?

Hammers are the Damage Meta, with 25% plus armor pen on average, and have armor debuff.
Swords have the higher Damage average but only having around 8-12 armor pen. with Cripple
And Spears, have the range, and the most consistent damage output, with Bleed.

So what would axes bring? hopefully it would have a very good pvp move set with bait and switch, charge etc. But what else would it do?

Could it have higher strength scaling? could it bring a new and fresh combat debuff to the game? (what would that be?)

What are some of your ideas?

Ideas so far:

Have higher strength scaling (could have naturally low base damage)

slightly higher armor pen then Sword

Faster short range lightattacks, long sweeping/arcing heavys

running attack animations,

Does Stamina damage, and:

Applies a debuff that:
reduces max stamina,
or slows stamina recovery.
or makes rolls and such cost more stamina.

I like the idea of +5 str and add a shieldsmash/knockdown ability. Maybe have large armor penetration like maces. I would guess getting hit with a big ■■■ axe would knock anyone on their ■■■ and destroy and put a nice big hole in an armor plate!

I imagine a 2h axe having whirlwind attacks, applying bleed and sunder, slow attacks like the hammer, but they need to tone up a bit animations of all weapons, specially the hammer, because its so slow I never see anyone using it, it has an ok dmg, but the slow motion attacks leave it too exposed to be hit.

I know it doesnt make sense being fast because its a heavy weapon, but at least a bit faster than it is currently. Same goes for other weapons, faster animation attacks will make the game more dinamic, and easier to hit moving / running targets.

Yea fighting runners is hard because there is no smooth transition period when the character attacks, he simply stops in his tracks to throw out his weapons, instead of a gradual change in speed like darksouls. attacks need to come out faster overall.

Also another idea could be Stamina damage, the attack could take away a certain amount of stamina, and apply a debuff that reduces stamina recovery time.

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perhaps like current axes, full damage no armor pen but higher damage with slower attackspeed as tradeoff?

Also unlike the one hand axe with stationary AoE swings, it could be a cone shaped forward moving sweeps similar to warhammer left-click attacks.

Perhaps having the last two attacks on R-click moving forward with sweeps, something like reverse longsword.

Meanwhile, in reality…

Two-Handed Axes were used initially to destroy shields in shield walls in heavy infantry fights. Over time they develop into war hammers and pole arms. There is a smoothe development history over time. Weapons like the Glaive and Bill are derived from the two-handed ax, not the two-handed spear they look so much like. I always thought that giving axes bleed rather than ap seemed strange since they were primarily armor piercing weapons. There were cutting war axes but they were often cavalry weapons. Also, the Kopesh has more in common with a cutting cavalry axe than it does with an infantry sword. It’s complicated but yeah, re skinned war hammer is probably most accurate to history.

Video game translation = It should have some base armor pen. ^.^

yeah, a re-skinned war hammer would have lots of ap.

Makes me wonder, if at worst case scenario, they should just make some reskinned hammers, look like axes.

they would look fn awesome that’s all that really matters.

But I hope they would have almost the same speed same speed as a one handed axe but more damage

Keep in mind the swords pen was by the point, not so much the bladed. War axes do not have a point, they work in similar fashion as the common woodsman axe, basically sundering the armour. Also, all axes should require more stamina to use; + 20 - 50% more stamina than the sword, depending on style. The reason being they are incredibly top heavy, thus your strength is not only being used to swing but to keep it up. Swords, if made right, their center of balance should be where the blade meets the pommel. Far less effort to keep it up.

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