2h Axe buffs? 3.0

Is there any new info on this? I could be wrong but i thought the devs mentioned them getting a buff in the livestream. The patch notes for 3.0 only mention making it easier to animation cancel after some attacks.
While thats nice and its definitely needed i do believe that in order to be a viable pvp weapon a few small adjustments would give them some more viability.
As it is now, in my opinion, the hamstring great axe might be the overall best option. Crafted with a bladesmith and applying a master fitting to it , it can get to 90+ damage ( which is nice for sure) but only a measly 12 armor pen ( if i remember correctly) . Armor pen is pretty important in pvp and 12% is pretty bad , especially since all of that is from the master fitting. Feroxic warhammers crafted and fitted are somewhere in the 70 dmg and 50 ap range and have a better moveset as well as a slight forward movement on the first light attack, allowing you to snag players trying to space you easier.
2h axes have a similar swing as warhammer light attacks except its the first 2 heavy attacks, which arent necessarily bad in pvp although no forward momentum and not as much damage as light attacks from feroxic warhammer.
The light attack strings for 2h axes are pretty cool and unique and while i dont hate them, again, not particularly viable for pvp.
Even the 3rd and 4th heavy strings are too slow for pvp, so i find myself just doing 1-2 heavy attacks for the decent sweep attack then roll and do another 1-2 heavy. Ontop of all this 2h axe has no attacks that offer any hyper armor ( unless using spin to win style 2h axe) yet 1h axe offer momentum, aoe, bleed, hyper armor, knockdown, speed, versatility of 1h.
Why rework 2h axes and just leave them to rot?
They need some love Funcom.


the extreme cost of stamina and the animation being this slow makes unviable for pvp.

meanwhile agi weapons has far less stamina cost for almost the same damage but most importantly with fast animations and being able to hit maybe 10/20 times more than with the 2hand axe. simply due to stamina cost.
and REALLY low armor pen.

maybe increase the size of the hitbox? reduce its cost a little? make it hit a little faster?
or maybe animations that can be used to counter certain weapon like, lets say, daggers? (hammers already do that tho)

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