3.0 Current Problems in offical pvp


Besides bugs so far my issues with the game in official pvp are these things here

Some issues lies in the bombs and everything else being useless in pvp raiding. with just repair hitting and spamming premade structures or just replacing a bombed wall to make the progression useless and or entombing and such… there being no real cost comparison between the 2 being repair matts way easier to farm pound for pound vs bombs which only do 5k hp in a vertical radius of 5 now which needs to honestly be buffed by atleast 50 percent. Only 5k hp to a gate that has 90k+ is stupid if the clan just hides and repairs

So in essense for raiding especially someone in perma structures or having landclaim to stop trvuchetsYou have legit only 2 real methods of raiding and one of them is pay to win with the battle pass lightening and godding being the only way to effectively raid someone

BUT if they have a bubble… you just have to hope that the lightening will destroy it (Rng based) because if it doesnt. Good luck With the Tink Tink meta it becomes super irritatingto pvp and raid and defendraids with this lag of minimum 400 ping to 900ping and the fact they can just repair and replace it so easily.

alot of raiding balancing issues I’m seeing. Need to buff bombs or make it where you cannot place building piece that is damaged or maybe just don’t allow building in Raid time like they have a setting for in the settings menu. Something needs to be done to mitigate it to allow a healthier raid experience… maybe when you do damage to a structure the defenders cannot place a building piece onto until repaired and waited for 5 min. Or something. Maybe dynamic repairs? When raided you cannot build until 5 minutes after having damage on a structure idk something needs done

I have tested alot of things with the raiding mechanics and it’s busted. On top of all of it being 500 steady ping on a home NA server is assanine to me and should be investigated

Don’t even get me started on the hacking problems atm

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It’s not like anyone even crafts bombs on PVP. They just duped them. Even if not directly, there are more bombs around than grains of sand on noob river.

The idiocy of duping bombs and spamming them, while someone else is spamming their repair hammer is probably beyond an idiom, considering no one signed up for that. They wanted to pvp all day, instead they get sweats worrying about losing stuff no one even farms anymore.

I me and my crew farms. Official servers need to be wiped on pvp period in my eyes. There are a ton of changes that would help out alot if they actually implement them

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Things they need to do:
Nerf Lightning (God bubble should be able to protect from it if anything)
Fix Bombs
Fix Lagg/freezing screens (happens way to much in group fights and looking in benches)
Optimize more
balance horses( run to ground) at least give ‘em more hp and not taken off horse after one shot from any weapon
Unban everyone and start fresh set the rules. It’s to vague for building it’s a sandbox game for a reason no other survival game is banning their only players
Make game free for a month on all platforms to see how battlepass and micro transactions work to see if it’s worth keeping it like that
And just overall keep updating


Horses are well balanced now. Now you cant just run into a group fight and get a bunch of kills and than ride out as nothing. Now you need too think once or twice before engaging combat on horse. Horses are still strong. What’s needed a nerf is last stand and bow. Last stand is a joke, 95% dmg reduction should not even be a thing. If you fight someone with last stand and he has mad berserker perk too, good luck chasing him down before he wents inside and resetting the last stand. Boring perk.

Bows dealing 50% of someones hp when u can deal cripple and also having the range is also a joke, especially when light attack on it is as strong as a melee weapons heavy attack is just wierd. I dont get how they didnt learned from the accuracy bug early 2020.

Horses are balanced i have a few buddies running and pvping fine on horses. They just arent viable to sit in the middle of combat and just “Win”

I would absolutely agree with you ONLY IF bombs and everything else raid wise got a Massive buff. 5k damage to a 90k structure with repair spam and or rebuild spam is just stupid not even a direct buff is needed but the way you can build after getting raided is just busted to me

They have done this. Almost all of my buddies who were banned asked for a reinstatement and appeal to it for play 3.0 they got their account back yiu just gotta send in a ticket to discuss it

So when i read this i have some tests and feedback. With glutten gains i dont see bow really being too over powered its only hitting me for like maybe 25% idk how youre getting 50% and horses are balanced really well. Last stand and BloodMaf berserker need to have a timer…last stand is good and needs to stay how it is. Since youre still staggerable granted maybe going to 75% would be better in theory. Bloodmad where you cannot he staggered is an issue as it removes a basis of pvp in the game… if it is to stay in the game. They need to make it only hit for 5 seconds like last stand does and after that they need to be full HP in order to trigger it again. And also


Easy. Facing archer that knows what they are doing. 45/50% hp is pretty common. Archers are OP, like I mentioned aswell. Light attack from archer hits like a normal heavy with spear, gives cripple, hits from distance. Even with glutton it’s op, if archer hits you 1st with light glutton activates on that hit, then hit you with heavy you wont heal from glutton.

Last stand could work, but 95% is way to strong. 50-75% would be a good value. 50% is strong aswell. But right now with 95, it’s impossible to kill someone close tho their base. It’s a real run inside base and hide perk.

I havent had an issue killing archers, most of them dont do that much damage and my glutten and fast heal combo instantly almost heals me back to full, if they’re light attacking i can stagger chain them aka chamber attack. i would have to see who youre fighting and what build as well, since you could go grit build and force them to hit you 4 heavy shots but its up to you

Like I said, try against a good archer. Right now fighting on TarTar. And im not dying from them. Im just saying 50% in 1 hit, is way too much.

could go full grit instead. and also i think hacking is the worse issue atm than anything core related to the game

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Im not on official anyways. So hackers aint a problem. For me the problem is, right now; Healthbars not visible, bombs being unreliable, invis roll/hits, lightning storm.

Then there are some PVP fighting issues like last stand and bow dmg.

And go full grit because of bow? You joking? I still wanna be able to fight properly.

I know you do. And you will be able too. Shields and team work are doable as well i have done a 2v1 me being the 1 against 2 bow builds and they main bow it is all how you play the scenario. I like how health bars are now it makes it alot more about hiding and surprising and much better than the built in esp they had.

Unless you mean the bug where if you hit them it doesnt show up… that is rare and i have had it and i agree it needs fixed

Are you running siptah or exiles? I want to get that bow build from you and see what youre talking about with the 50% hp becauae if there isnt poison after glutten will heal whatever damage you take within 15 seconds of recieving it. So if youre hit hard 2 times like a heavy shot then a light it ahould heal you both those amounts. Albeit alot slower than what you would assume in a team fight but still

Last stand just needs mitigation lowered to 75% in my opinion and blood mad berserker needs the no stagger stuff either on a timer or replaced as it just lets people who stam out or mess up just walk out of a combo which is just stupid

90% of the fights we had yesterday hp bars didnt show up. It’s not rare. And is a new bug, that was not a problem before.

Glutton heals depending on your first damage taken. So if you get hit by 100 damage first time you will heal up that amount during 15 seconds. You wont heal if u take 150 then after that 300.

And trust me, I know how teamfights work. I dont have problems by archers like the whole. I just dont get why archers should deal the amount of damage they do when they have cripple on pretty much all hits if you fight a good archer. I rather see light attacks from bows deal the same amount as light attacks from spears for example, and heavy attacks the same as spears heavy. There is a reason even good archers feel bow damage is pretty broken.

This one I agree on tho.

Sounds like Conan from 2017 haha.

Yupp , back then u were used to not have healthbars tho xD

But yeah, I had this issue as well. Missing health bars sometimes.

The patch is even more buggy than I expected…

For us, it was all the time. 6v6 and it was atleast 50% of the players (including teammates) that didnt have hpbars visible during the whole raidtime. Even if they died, they came back without hp bar. And since people having perks and u see what perks that are active of not in their hp bar it’s a big problem. Especially when people have last stand lol. It’s a real run inside and hide perk.

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just for me to understand, before 3.0 we were able to repair and rebuild (more easily than in 3.0), i mean i always had a chest with a repair hammer and premade foundation, wall etc inside it in case of raid, what do you mean by premade structure ? seem i missed something in 3.0 ?

I have had quite the opposite happen for me on multiple occasions, I would say you can make a forum if you want bows tuned down a bit but i think where theyre at right now make them the most balanced compared to how they have been in the last 3 years of conan. but I will say sometimes the stagger doesnt work against bow since theyre drawing a shot which should knock them out of the shot animation imho but that is just my opinion. other than that nothing is too over powered with the bow atm in my eyes since bow doesnt have a CC effect anymore.

I mean I have tested it and most the time it heals all of it lol I have been shot by 2 people and it heals almost all of it, because fast healer with it. the fast healer stacks with glutten as well giving you a 50% increase to amount of heals given by glutten

Bow isnt balanced, when you have all this favours. Heavy damage. Light attack spamming, cripple. I dont know wich players you play against. But probably not people who knows what they r doing