3.0 - My Thoughts So Far

I would venture that we will all be dabblers because a full on sorcerer is going to really limit you (stamina alone is going to be a massive pain point). Also the corrupted perks aren’t worth the perm. corruption at this point. I fully expect these to be buffed in the future but appreciate how the design is moving slowly up the power level vs shock and awe of huge effects and then having to nerf later. This is a change in dev philosophy that is much appreciated.


I think most will yes, but I love my health/stamina bar full and its almost an rp thing for me (even tho I don’t “rp” in the conan sense). I pretty much go everywhere on foot so my stamina is super important to me. It will certainly add a new dynamic of variation which is very good for the game.

On a thrall note and corruption, there are some very potent ways using corruption to use thralls.

I agree. The spell casts take way too long and are too easily interupted to make a full sorcerer build viable. I get that they need to balance it but I think it needs a little bit of tweaking. Either speed up the cast times considerably or give sorcerers some kind of casting shield that can be broken with enough damage but gives the sorc time to get a cast off.

Sooo, the timeline goes…

  1. Thralls are too powerful.
  2. Thrall Nerf + Sorcery
  3. Thralls + Authority are too powerful

To me this issue is having to spend 1/3 of your attribute points, to get your thralls back to what they were previously, if they are still that powerful.

You sacrifice too much of your character for it.

And regardless of what anyone says, it was a PvP decision the moment Authority was established to only affect a single follower, vs base guards.

But there are already people on the testlive calling for Zombies to be nerfed as too powerful as well.

Isn’t this sort of what Lifeblood Spear had, and it got nerfed into oblivion because of it’s usage in PvP?

I really don’t understand this.

Why nerf non-Authority thralls, then turn around and make overpowered Zombies? That feels more like a push to promote the new Sorcery content than anything, by pushing thralls to one side.

If Zombies are so powerful and cheap, what is the issue with thralls retaining that power, without the need for Authority?

Doesn’t FC have more incentive to stop this trading? In order to force more purchases on the BLB and rake in more revenue?

There’s a group that gets access to the pre-TestLive before the TestLive.

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Lifeblood spear has a regeneration perk and it was broken and it was nerfed because it was an infinite high tier food healing, during food heals meta.

What I suggested is vampirism perk that already can be used by siptah via use of a specific sigil.

You gain a small/moderate amount of hp after killing a npc or a player.

This thread is my thoughts on every aspect of the update. If the conversation is going to continue on specifically thrall nerfs, there is a separate more appropriate thread for that discussion.

Yeah that would be me and no I’m not on testlive. Let’s see, something that i can create in less than a minute that is level 20 and last for days…oh and the only requirement for obtaining the most powerful one is a NPC that has 100% spawn rate?

So the drawback on these zombies is that they are temporary but they last for days and it takes minutes to create them if you place your shallow grave properly. It doesn’t take a math genius to recognize that a player can get 60 of these things placed around their base in a matter of hours.


I love playing undead but this is too much and way too easy to do for it to be fun for me.

“Too powerful” if you completely ignore the tradeoff that you complain about right after that:

And that’s why thralls with authority are not “too powerful”.

If by “PVP decision” you mean “a decision that has PVP ramifications”, then yes. I can’t think of why anyone would dispute that.

If, on the other hand, you mean “a decision that was made primarily for PVP reasons”, then that’s both irrelevant and wrong.

No, it isn’t.

Again, a conclusion drawn with no regard given to tradeoffs.

They have a financial incentive to do so. Financial incentives are not the only kind of incentives Funcom has.

There are two things to consider here:

  • People have intrinsic motivations to buy stuff from BLB, not just extrinsic. If there’s something in the BLB that you want to buy and you have the money to buy it, you’ll probably buy it.
  • Many people like trading in games that allow it. It’s a fun activity. There’s a reason why people on private servers with Pippi (or similar mods) like to set up their own shops.

Allowing players to trade makes them happier with the BLB in general, and allows them to develop their own intrinsic reasons for buying stuff, rather than “forcing” them into it.

Think about it: if you’re on the fence about buying some stuff from BLB, and someone on your server has it and is willing to trade, you can trade for it and try it out, which will help you make up your mind to buy it – without feeling resentful that you were “forced” to buy it.


I have to agree with a lot of the points you make here. If you invest in something you should be rewarded for it. If i invest in authority, youre damn right I expect my thralls to be stronger than a guy who builds for strength.

Just like if you invest in gathering and harvesting the reward is that you get more resources for the time you spend farming.


I was excited about two things in this patch: I can FINALLY change the way my character looks, I’m a min/maxer so both myself and my thralls look the same, all the time and it just gets a little old having so many armor sets available but not being able to utilize any of them based on the fact that my armor just has way better stats. Then I find Abyssal armor…an armor set that blows away every other armor set in every aspect and can’t be modified. As you said “Nerf pls.” but im going to add nerf hard, don’t make it the only armor set I want to wear and am forced back into one look so you can proceed to add skins for it in the battle pass/bazaar.

Second: “You’re the hero!” …Oh how I’ve waited for the days to get rid of my thrall or not feel like its needed to always bring him along. The problem however is when they changed the armor / buff bonuses from +stats to +hp, carry weight, damage, etc. we’ve actually become weaker because we’ve lost the various perks we could get from buff stacking. Example: My hybrid fighter/gatherer build has max encumb, I can throw a few points into survival and then just swap out my helm for the witch doctor helm (I think its +10 to survival) and then swap my shield (can’t remember the name but its +5 survival) use black blood tools (+3 survival AND on Siptah they’re hard af to find so it gives you something else to farm for) boom, I’m full gatherer. Swap my helm and shield back and I get +13 total str and I’m 4 and a half perks into str with my gear setup and still have 3 perks into vit and grit, overall a great build to run out and clear vaults, gather whatever I need and kill or knock out thralls. I do SLIGHTLY more damage with a full corrupted full fighter setup on 3.0 as it stands (Im not including Abyssal armor into this because I think its a joke and if its not nerfed I probably won’t play anymore) which leads into another problem which is the stamina issue that you mentioned. I don’t mind the HP cut because I think it’s fairly easy to survive in this game as it is but having my stam cut in half and like you said, have to take a nap in between swings is just obnoxious and not fun. I even tried swapping over to things like Jhil gloves for extra stam regen and so on, its still not good. OH and I just remembered one more thing I would like to add, PLEASE change the 4th perk in agility, even if its just removing the added movement speed, I don’t care how small it is, that is a stupid advantage and is only going to compound the problem of limiting build choice in pvp.

Sorry for the long winded response, I guess my summary is that I feel like they havent added choice in builds and fashion as much as they’ve removed it and that seriously bothers me. I can live with the fact that I’ll be a bit weaker in 3.0 but I don’t want to be so limited in so many areas.


Rogue gameplay promotion at it’s finest :rofl:

Yup… I’m about 50/50 myself. In PvE when playing without other people I almost always only take a horse when adventuring. I can take my time and it doesn’t bother anyone. When playing with others they mostly go a lot faster than I’m used to so a strong thrall helps me keep pace without holding people up.

In PvP I almost never bring a thrall to a fight. They just get in the way mostly. The exception being a bearer for looting after the fight or raid.

Actually, there was a response about this on the Legendary items.

So thralls getting nerfed could be seen as similar to that. They are making them less relevant, to push the shiny new toy that Sorcery is giving us, that being zombies.

Once Sorcery loses it’s luster, zombies will probably get hit with a nerf for whatever the next Age brings us, so it becomes relevant and everyone’s focus.

Eventually we’ll probably go full circle with an Age devoted to thralls, bringing them back to relevance and more power, better AI, etc.

Yes. It’s the Age of Sorcery for a reason. They added the other half of the sword and sorcery genre in to the game finally.

It may not be for everyone, but it is the focal point of the update for a reason. It’s an entirely new, radically different playstyle

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We should have been able to inflict corruption on our living thralls. To enhance them in part, at the expense of something else. On a thrall to thrall basis.

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That’s essentially what making them a zombie is. You end their mortal life and raise them anew. High HP sure, but low base damage and armor unless you manage to get a presumably bugged OP one. DR is generally sub 50%, so a lot more frail than a fully kitted live thrall. They can’t hold weapons either so that is the tradeoff. Zombies currently I believe aren’t supposed to be as OP as people are reporting; as throughout most of my testing of them they are low damage and low armor by design

Yeah, nah I don’t mean undead.

I mean like, the way corruption fills us, and our body changes to reflect that, with stat differences.

So I’m saying like we have a living thrall, that takes in corruption the same way as us, and they get changes based on it.

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Gonna have to disagree or ask for compromise on this one. Being able to craft decorations for other clanmates or strangers to use is one of the best parts about it being bench-ridden. Either keep them the way they are now or have the option to craft through the hammer AND/OR bench (and while we’re at it, let us craft building pieces there too).

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Yes yes yes Yes yes absolutely agree.

Good Grief, THIS. I look at the three and the other three are just SCREAMING to be added to the list of corruptible attributes. I hope this part gets sorted out before 3.0 rather than after.