3.0 update killed the game

Game worked fine before, will not even start now. Normal single player game. Was forced to update, no choice! Update or no play. Could not remove mods. Server? Normal in game setup. Have been playing this game for years, and now it won’t even start. I am not an IT guy. All my conan files are on STEAM. My PS5 updated fine. My XBOX series X updated itself in sleep mode. And it works fine. Yes I really have all 3 systems. Very unhappy with this mess. Please help Me fix this.

Are they all updated for 3.0? If not, then you have two options wait for mods to update or remove the mods that are causing the issue. When playing modded there is always a bit of downtime after a big update.

if you’re using AoC or EEWA for exemple they’re not ready yet and won’t work…

For the PC - modded version only. PC - Vanilla works fine.

If you are using Hosav UI, I believe the mini-map is causing crashes so shut it off for now.
If you are using GCam, there is a potential its conflicting with other mods for some unknown reason. This may be a more a rare issue for servers though. 3 of 4 servers are working fine. 4th will not work with GCam. Someone else reported issues with GCam as well.

These are the only issues I know of with mods (that includes EEWA and AoC mods mentioned by @Valhalla-strider )

Some mods may have minor bugs in them as well based on various reports, but not typically game crashing.

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Recent update:

Having issues with Hosav UI (which I know is being updated, although EEWA is priority fix). It crashes the game when you get near or start a fight with NPCs. Thralls/Pets are not effected by this issue from what I can tell.

Suggestion remove Hosav until its updated.

I am still running bunch of tests with some help from others. :slight_smile:


You missed the “game won’t even start”. The launch button works, but never loads the game. Just sits there saying its loading, forever. then shuts it down. Most times the main dir shows the game is still in progress, then it shuts down to off, ready for start again.

Unsubed all mods, which removed them from the game. Checked file integrity, had bad files. Steam replaced the bad files, no joy. What am I not doing wrong?

What you could try until mods are fixed: go to steams workshop and unsub all your mods (if you need further explanation on how to do that, let me know)
Then open your game directory (Steam, rightclick on Conan Exiles, property, local directory, search. it will open the folder where your installed Conan version is.
Open the folder Conan Sandbox
Rename your Saved folder (don´t delete it, just rename it, for example saved - copy
Then start the game over steam and you should be able to launch the game since a new saved folder will be created

You should be able to start a brand new world now. You still can go back later to your old save once your mods are all updated. Simply rename the old save folder back to “saved” and remove the newly created save folder. I know starting over might not be the solution you hoped for, but until mods are fully updated you can at least play the game or join a server.

you unsubed all your mods but did you remove them manually when clic PLAY on Steam then MODS… check you have nothing there. I personnaly cleared munally the files containing mods on my PC/steam/comon… and then did a Steam repair

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