30 vs 60 tickrate

I’ve been running my server at 60 tickrate and despite the hardware being more than capable with an average ping under 50, there was a lot of “jitter” in combat with the AI sometimes seemingly breaking down for several seconds. I lowered the tickrate to 30 and everything is so much smoother. No jitter, AI working properly, combat feels much better. Has anyone else found this to be the case or is it some strange issue on my end? I notice a lot of private servers run at 60 tickrate.

Technically 30 is more than enough to run everything smoothly, provided that the 30 is actually stable.
Now 60 “can” be a nice option if everything can handle it properly, keep in mind that it’s not just the tick rate, the server and clients are also quite limited by default in terms of maximum allotted bandwidth per player and a higher tick rate will push those limits a bit more, so the two settings go hand in hand.

Bottom line is this… it’s better to have a smooth 30, than a jittery 60, but if you try the 60 and everything can handle it consistently and you see the improvement then obviously stick to that. There is really no reason to stress about this overly… either is fine… and I’m pretty sure a random 45 in the middle is just fine too, the best value is whichever your server runs best with :slight_smile:

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