Looking for Dedicated Server Optimizations

I’ve found other servers running 60 people with 10-12 server fps (tickrate) but my server falls down to 2 sfps within 15 minutes of restart (which means 500 ping for all).

It’s a g-portal 60-man server and the problem happens even if only 40 people are on. I’ve tried some optimizations but nothing seems to work. I’m only using 3% CPU and 6000MB of RAM so there’s plenty of juice on the hardware side to be utilized.

I contacted g-portal about it, but they seem to think it’s on the user side, which makes no sense. I would love to hear optimizations from current and prior server owners that have worked to improve their sfps/tickrate.

Well, I can share some config file options - though not sure how they will affect a server of that size, you’ll have to experiment I guess :slight_smile:

Try these in the Engine.ini of your SERVER


See if that changes anything

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For me your issue is your server provider and those hardware stats you are seeing don’t make sense for a server with 40 people connected. Are you running a dedicated server where you have control of the hardware or you are having some of those slotted servers?

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