GPortal Hosting problems TICKRATE capped too low, horrible SERVER FPS

Im on my 5th server in less than 3 weeks. They MAX their tickrate at 30, It should be 60!!! In my ENGINE.ini files its being written as “NetServerMaxTickRate=20”

25 to 35 ppl on, the server FPS is 2 to 5. Its barely playable if you want to PVP or fight NPCs.

Horrible support, when I finally got to a halfway decent server to ensure a good release, 2 days later on release they moved my East Coast server to a California server… Ive lost so many players its ridiculous.


Anyone else having these problems?

They maybe good In Germany, but not in the United States!!!

A Pissed off customer…

Honestly I would migrate your server to another host. GPortal is havning a hard time keeping up with demand.

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I chose GPortal because they were partenered with FUNCOM… FUNCOM gave them them thumbs up… Im not the only one…

Yea, they have some kind of contract with them. But by far is not the best. Once your month is up you can move the game save data to another host. It is pretty easy.

They Cap the Tick rate at 15… horrible gameplay with 15+ on. They are trying to push everyone off to make room for officials. Its just a lousy way to do it.