If you're looking for a hosting provider!

Hopefully it’s OK to post this here! I see a TON of messages about GPortal being out of server hosting space. I am with GTXGaming, and I can say their customer service is FAST, and so far, I haven’t had any real issues that either I didn’t cause myself, or that they fixed in the time it took me to fill out a support request.

Game Servers

Looks nice! But the price is a bit higher.

Will see if Gportal can handle the traffic and if not I will gladly pay more for better provider and ofc at least they HAVE new servers :smiley:

Might be worth noting, that while their site is kinda vague on some things, they DO have servers all over the US as well. Mine is hosted out of Seattle (I’m in Eastern WA,) but they also have TX, and CA I believe, just for the West Coast areas. You do get to choose which area your hosted at.

Good luck!