Why Gportal is a ripoff

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Sure, Gportal is a reputable company…but one cannot deny that they overcharge.
Currently a 70 slot server costs $48.00 (USD) per month if you rent from Gportal.

The Alternative? Havoc Hosting.
Another reputable company that charges much less, without lacking stability.
Host Havoc charges $24.00 (USD) per month. Don’t be ripped off.

Unsure? Don’t take it from me, there’s plenty of reviews on Host Havoc and resources.
See for yourself.

Gportal are the exclusive provider for ps4, so they have no competition. In addition, I seriously doubt that Host Havoc can provide any even remotely decent experience with 70 people for 24 usd per month. I have to see it to believe it …

What I’ve read down the grapevine is that if you use the minimum number of players. They’re not too bad. And its a great place for someone getting into hosting a small server. But going anything beyond that isn’t a great idea.

I know GTX Gaming can do 70 players.

But usually when you get beyond 40, you really want to get a dedicated machine rather than using normal hosting methods. That’s going to be $150-300+/month minimum if not a bit more. Running it on shared machines using VM isn’t a great idea past 40.

the gportal servers are garbage there is not one person that can debate this.

Most of the lag spikes and issues in general with this game are always blamed on funcom but in reality the servers hardware cant handle a game of this size.

As other stated they have a monopoly on the PS4 system so they don’t care about quality.

As for a 70slot server for $24 that just sounds skechty. I wouldnt even waste my time looking at the site becuase even if it is real you get what you pay for.

They’ll make sure you can fit 70 people in there, doesn’t mean it will be a good experience :^)


I disagree. No debate.

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The fact that this is true is really crappy to be honest.

I think this is accurate. Like I said, if you do less than 40 people on there (minimum seems to be 30 oddly enough). It might be ok. I mean you’re getting what you pay for and all.

But I wouldn’t chance it above that. But like I said, if you want to go full 70, you need a dedicated machine. That’s just not cheap. But I mean not crazy expensive considering the size of the community that is required to have a 70/70 server during primetime.

70 players online means about 200-300 players total that actively play.

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