G-portal rip off buyer beware

rented a server from G-portal noticed a lot of 10 slots servers thought they reduced it to 10 yay cheaper! right? WRONG! i charged my account to cover a 10 slot and now they blatantly tell me i wont see that money again. because of their mistake of allowing me to think i can rent a 10 slot they get to keep my money?
beware the rented server

I’m not really understanding your post.

I rent a 10-slot from G Portal for $1.04 a slot. Comes out to $11.25 a month. Have been doing this for over a year now for Conan.

If you honestly feel like you were ripped off, then write down everything g-portal told you regarding this situation. Write down how you got a hold of them, what your concern was, who you spoke with and what they told you. Then go to your bank and tell the banker you wish to dispute some charges. What they’ll do is find the specific charges on your account, and ask you why.

Explain to them why you felt they wronged you, show them what you wrote down from g-portal, and tell them you wish to continue with the dispute. What will happen is someone from your bank will go on your behalf and speak with g-portal. They’ll hear their side of the story, and if your bank feels g-portal is actually ripping you off then they’ll return your money. If your bank feels g-portal was in the right, they’ll explain why and you won’t get your money back.

This will also mean g-portal will delete everything you rented and not rent to you again, but hey, you may get your money back. :slight_smile:

how did they rip you off exactly? no sure what your saying here… but you can simply contact your bank or card issuer and file a complaint that way… if you have not used the service for the money taken… you can get the money back

To be honest, my g-Portal server ist merely the only thing that actually works as intended.
I find their rental structure very clear to understand, and they helped me with a problem in very short time. To be frank: I thought I had ordered a PS4-Server, but instead it was for PC lol. When I wrote them, they tried to “solve” the problem (aka informing me that I should probably rent a PS4-server in case I intend to play CE with the PS4) and I even could transfer the points spent to the new server, no money lost.

And sentences like

are quite irritating.

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sounds pretty fair to me :smiley:

sounds like he ordered something on accident… used the service anyways then complained after… like going into a restaurant ordering the wrong item on the menu, receiving it then saying well i am hungry and it looks ok eating it then complaining hey this is not what i ordered…

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Oh i did screen shots and saves of the convo BradF would not send me to their supervisor. They will not allow anyone to drop the 20 slot to a 10 slot. They claim all the 10 slots are ones from before may 10th. He didn’t even send my complaint to the billing dept. And guess who runs the FB page. None other then BradF. I had rented a 20 slot in hopes that you could lower it to 10, after seeing many 10 slot servers. however that isnt the case so if anyone is thinking of doing that i suggest not to.

Funcom needs to copy ark in the aspect of using a spare system as a server.

Nope i ordered a 20 slot after the first month it let me lower it to 10 slots. I charged the account to cover it and they denied it. so no service was given for what appeared to be an allowed slot change.

That would be fine by me.

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